Zoom Rooms gets new features for hybrid workplaces

Zoom has announced the general availability of its Zoom Rooms, which are designed to help make it easier for workers to attend touch-free meetings as hybrid working is becoming more prevalent.

Zoom Rooms is different from regular Zoom Meetings. It is the company’s smart conference room solution, which turns a typical office meeting room into a “fully modernised” collaboration space. The subscription of Zoom Rooms starts from Rs 4,300 per month for a room. It provides users with additional features, including one-touch join to video calls, optimised wireless connectivity, smart whiteboarding for collaborative editing and annotation, and more.

Zoom Rooms has a Kiosk mode, which allows a virtual receptionist to greet employees from a Zoom Rooms for Touch device. For this, one just needs to customise the “Start Meeting” button on a Zoom Rooms for Touch device in the lobby to connect visitors with a receptionist and greet them.

“Zoom Rooms is designed to run on hardware and appliances as a dedicated meeting environment for shared spaces (such as conference rooms), and ideal for group collaboration,” the company said.

The company also has a Neat Bar device, which is a Zoom Rooms appliance. It comes with a Neat Sense feature, which helps monitor and manages the air quality and humidity in the room. The data and statistics for this will be accessible on the Zoom dashboard starting next week. Zoom Rooms now also allow you to see how many people are in a room in real-time, on the Zoom Dashboard and Scheduling Display.

The company has also added the ability to pair a Zoom Room with one’s mobile and sharing a whiteboard on Zoom Chat. Zoom says an employee can pair their iOS or Android mobile client to a Zoom Room, easily join meetings on the Zoom Rooms directly from their client; the mobile client is automatically placed in companion mode during the meeting.

One can download the Zoom Room Controller app to access to all room controls, which also includes the ability to initiate or join a meeting. The Zoom Rooms for Touch device also allows customers to control the desktop of a person’s who is sharing their laptop screen.

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