YouTube announces ‘supervised’ mode for parent-controlled viewing

YouTube on Wednesday launched a set of features that will give parents more control over what content their kids watch on the streaming platform. The parents will be able to choose from three different content settings which are based on whether their kid is a pre-teen, above 13 years of age, or on the verge of turning an adult. These three settings have been called Explore, Explore More and Most of YouTube.

The “Explore” option for pre-teens will be a step up from YouTube Kids that was launched in 2015. It will include vlogs, tutorials, gaming videos, music clips, news, educational content and more. The “Explore More” option will include a larger set of videos and live streams in the same categories as the previous one. The “Most of YouTube” option will filter out age-restricted content. Otherwise, the last of the three options will have the same content available on YouTube normally for adult users.

The blogpost mentions that the beta version containing these new features will be made available in the coming few months. The Google-owned streaming platform will be taking feedback from families with kids under the age of consent (age differs in countries worldwide). Parents will be able to provide access to YouTube to their kids via a supervised Google account. So far, there is no word regarding a stable update with these new features.

“This option was designed for parents who think their children are ready to explore the vast universe of YouTube videos. We will use a mix of user input, machine learning and human review to determine which videos are included. We know that our systems will make mistakes and will continue to evolve over time,” James Beser, Director of Product Management, Kids and Family, YouTube, said in the blogpost.

Parents won’t just have control over what kind of content their kids watch. They will also have access to their search history and have controls like screen timers. YouTube says that it will also introduce ‘blocking content’ feature to parental controls. In addition, at the time of the launch, kids won’t see personalised ads in order to comply with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

YouTube also announced that the YouTube Kids app will now be available in Hindi and the rollout will begin in the next few days. To start with, it will include localised Hindi content from creators like Jugnu Kids, Peekaboo Kidz and Infobells.

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