Xiaomi’s latest concept phone takes waterfall display to next level

Xiaomi has unveiled its Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept smartphone. The smartphone takes a different approach to curved display as it is not just limited to the sides but at the top and bottom too. In the media release, Xiaomi says that the “revolutionary hyper quad-curved 88-degree surface” was not easy to make as the glass was made using hot-bending glass at a temperature as high as 800-degree Celsius to achieve the form factor.

The unibody design of the smartphone with a curved display on all sides means that it is a port-free device. Not just wireless-charging but the concept smartphone may also include support for Xiaomi’s recently unveiled ‘Mi Air Charge technology’ which can charge the smartphone at 5W from a distance using unique hardware.

The concept smartphone has an under-display camera to avoid any cutouts even though the technology is yet to be seen on a commercial smartphone from the company yet. Also, it has an e-Sim, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and built-in speakers inside “flexible film display acoustic technology”.

Despite the efforts taken to curve the display even further the device may just end up being another concept device like the Mi Mix Alpha which had a unique design with display wrapping it. However, The Verge revealed that a Xiaomi representative told them that the device exists and has been used by people in the company.

The unveiling of the new smartphone also hints at the company’s aim to make a completely portless device by getting rid of Type-C charging. Last year, Xiaomi also unveiled 80W wireless charging which future devices from the Chinese smartphone maker can support.

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