Xiaomi may be making smart glasses capable of phototherapy, report says

Xiaomi has recently filed a new patent that suggests that the brand will be making its own smart glasses in the near future. The new glasses will be capable of a few new features besides the typical smart glasses features. These include 4D detection and a new therapeutic signal emitter.

As per a new report by IT Home, the new therapeutic emitter feature will be capable of phototherapy, allowing the glasses to treat brain diseases, mental conditions like depression or anxiety, and eye fatigue. The report mentions that the light signals may include ultraviolet, infrared, laser, and visible light signals.

The glasses will reportedly also be capable of transmitting sound signals simultaneously along with visual signals to further enhance their capabilities. Unfortunately, no further details on the glasses are available as of now.

Note that like with most patents, there is no guarantee that the new patent will actually turn into a new product from the brand. A number of patents never make it to final products, including both smartphones and other gadgets. However, it is nice to see Xiaomi coming up with an original take on the Smart Glasses idea.

Brands have made smart glasses before, and some, like Apple, are reportedly on their way to making their first such products. Even Facebook is making a pair of smart glasses. Experts say smart glasses will replace smartphones one day, however, there is no real use case for such devices for now.


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