Wansview W101 1080P review: Versatile and affordable

I don’t remember the last time I dressed formally. It must have been sometime in early 2020. The closest I get to a formal meeting now is a public webinar, as pyjamas are quite okay for even serious office calls. That is because most often, those on a video call have their cameras off. Even if they decide to switch it on, the cameras on laptops are so bad that you will end up looking like the photo on your Aadhaar card. This is also why a lot of us, who need to be visible on video calls are investing in better external cameras for their laptops.


The Wansview W101 1080P Webcam tries to become relevant in this space by offering a camera that is much more affordable than most of its competition. The Rs 3,390 webcam works with all video calling software and has a simple plug and play function.

The Wansview W101 looks like any other external webcam and can easily mount on top of a laptop thanks to its clip design. There is a long cable in case you want to keep it a bit far away for a wider view. The cable has a USB-A port so you will need an adapter to use this with the newer MacBooks — I got one for about Rs 200.

The Wansview W101 also offers an inbuilt dual noise cancellation microphone, so that if you are on calls without a headset, the audio quality will still be much superior to what you laptop can offer. I recored a couple of YouTube videos with the same and the results were quite good.

The camera lens can be adjusted so that there is a sharp video wherever you are. Even in low light the videos appear clear and detailed. And when there is a change in lighting the camera corrects itself in a jiffy which again is good if you are doing live videos.

At a price point of Rs Rs 3,390, the Wansview W101 1080P seems like a good option for those setting up live broadcasts from home, or taking online classes or other video sessions for a large audience. If otherwise, it might be a good add-on to appear before your colleagues in the next zoom calls.

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