Vivaldi Browser takes new tabs to a whole new level; here’s how

Dealing with multiple open tabs is one of the biggest pain points when it comes to desktop browsing. Even if you have a capable device that can handle more than a handful of tabs without showing fatigue, more tabs usually equal more mess and lesser organisation, often leading to low efficiency and loss of productivity. However, the new Vivaldi Browser update changes that. Here’s how.

With the new Vivaldi browser update, you get better tab management in the existing tab bar, along with a whole new tab bar right below it. This allows you to group and manage tabs together on two stacked, parallel rows. We decided to try out the new Vivaldi Browser to test out this feature and check if it was actually useful, and yes, it definitely was.

Vivaldi, Vivaldi Browser, Vivaldi Browser features, Vivaldi’s stackable tabs in action. (Image Source: The Indian Express)

Vivaldi lets you stack tabs by host, allowing all tab pages belonging to a particular website to be grouped in one tab. When you hover over or click on that one mother-tab, you are shown all corresponding tabs in the second row below.

When you move out of this tab group into another tab, the mother-tab will display the website domain along with a number that will show you how many sub-tabs you have open. This makes it easier to keep tabs that belong together, together. We were not left hunting for that one tab lost amidst the crowd anymore, as the host-based stacking narrowed it down quite effectively.

How to Stack and Unstack tabs on Vivaldi Browser?

Stacking and unstacking tabs is quite easy. Once you have multiple tabs of the same website open, just go to any one of the tabs, right-click on it and choose “Stack tabs by host.” This will gather all sub-tabs of the same site and group it together in a second row.

Vivaldi, Vivaldi Browser, Vivaldi Browser features, Vivaldi’s stackable tabs let you multitask better. (Image Source: The Indian Express)

You can also choose to have one tab unstacked from the rest of the bunch if you want. Let’s say you have 10 YouTube tabs open. You want 9 of them stacked under the YouTube mother-tab, but one to remain on the top row for quick access. Just navigate to that one tab, right-click on it and choose “Remove from Tab Stack.”

Vivaldi also lets you view the stacked tabs side-by-side in a tiled view, which may be useful when you need two tabs to display information/media simultaneously. You can even drag the tile edges to make any one tab in the tiled view larger than the others.

Vivaldi, Vivaldi Browser, Vivaldi Browser features, Hovering over any stacked tab group shows you the sub-tabs. (Image Source: The Indian Express)

Do you need Vivaldi Browser?

Vivaldi is a feature-packed browser and has a lot of customisation options from the themes to the layout of various browser elements. However, it still lacks the speed, performance and integration with other services that browsers like Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge offer. We also saw the occasional stutter when many tabs were open, although that may not be something you experience on a powerful system.

That said, when you’re down to those serious research sessions and need to have many tabs open, Vivaldi’s tab management comes pretty handy. You can try out Vivaldi for yourself and see if it’s something you want as your primary or secondary browser.

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