Twitter to allow users to earn money from tweets and other content

At a virtual event for investors, Twitter announced a new feature called Super Follow. It will allow Twitter users to earn money from exclusive tweets and other content they provide to their followers. To be more specific, those who pay to the content creator will get subscriber-only benefits, including “community access,” “deals & discounts.”

The paid subscription service also includes “exclusive content,” “subscriber-only newsletters,” and a “supporter badge” for subscribers. Initially, the price of the paid Super Follow feature will likely be less. As per the screenshots shared by Twitter, the Super Follow subscription would ask you to pay $4.99 (around Rs 365) on a monthly basis. The idea of paid subscription for tweets may sound a little bad at first, but a Twitter spokesperson said the goal is “rethinking the incentives of our service.”

“Exploring audience funding opportunities like Super Follows will allow creators and publishers to be directly supported by their audience and will incentivize them to continue creating content that their audience loves,” the company said. Additionally, Twitter users will get the option to cancel the subscription anytime they want. It is currently unknown as to when Twitter will release this feature, but the same is expected to happen soon.

The paid subscription feature of Twitter will not only help wide-ranging creators, but also reporters, which might impact publications all over the world. Twitter is also all set to add a feature called “Communities,” which will likely work like the way Facebook Groups works. Users will be able to create a group and those who share the same interest will be able to join that group. The rest of the details are currently under wraps.

Twitter users will also soon witness a “safety mode” feature, which will allow them to auto-block or mute abusive accounts.

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