Telegram update adds broadcast groups, homescreen widgets and more

Telegram has announced some new features with a new update. These include an auto-delete functionality for one-on-one Telegram chats, groups and even channels. Telegram is also adding Broadcast Groups with support for live voice chat. Apart from this, the app has also now made it easier for users to report any spam content or fake accounts. The app is also adding support for expiring joining links. Here is a look at all the new Telegram features in detail.

Auto delete messages

Telegram users can now delete messages for all participants in a conversation at any time, something they could only do in Secret Chats earlier. Users can now also set a timer of 24 hours or 7 days in any chats before sending messages, after which the messages will disappear. The feature will also make it to groups and channels, where only admins will be able to enable the feature or edit it.

Messages will now show a countdown next to them. Note that auto-delete will only apply to messages sent after the timer is set, and earlier messages will stay in the chat history.

Broadcast groups and improved reporting system

Telegram Broadcast groups are a new type of groups where only the admin is able to send text messages. However, all users in the Broadcast group will be able to join a live voice chat in the app for audio-based discussions. Further, Broadcast Groups have no limit on how many users you can add.

Telegram has also added a newer reporting system that will allow users to report content with more context. Spam content, fake accounts, violent content, or content that can be identified as child abuse or pornography can now be reported along with a short comment that will help Telegram better understand the concern.

Expiring group invite links and scannable QR codes

Group admins on Telegram will now be able to create additional limited duration links for new users to join the Telegram Group. Once expired, these links will no longer let unauthorised strangers into the group chat should the joining link leak somewhere.

Additionally, these new links can also be set to the number of uses, allowing only a selected number of people to join from the link. Group invite links can now also be turned into scannable QR codes that you can share wherever required.

Home screen widgets for Android, iOS

Users will now be able to add Telegram widgets to their Android or iOS home screens. Chat widgets will show you a preview of received messages, while a more compact shortcut widget will display only names and profile pictures. Both widgets will allow users to quickly jump to active chats.

Animated emojis and improved chat importing

Telegram has added animated emojis, which will accompany the animated stickers and GIFs. Further, imported chats from other apps like WhatsApp can now be sorted according to date, the chat has less than 1,000 messages. The feature is available only for one-on-one chats for now.

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