Samsung’s Bengaluru R&D centre reveals future plans on 25th anniversary

Samsung’s R&D Institute in Bengaluru, Karnataka, also knowns as SRI-B, is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. The facility, Samsung’s biggest outside home-country South Korea, was set up back in 1996. Over the years, SRI-B has grown into an advanced R&D centre for Samsung globally, giving rise to innovations in wireless communications, multimedia and image processing, artificial intelligence in vision, voice and text technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Now on its 25th anniversary, Samsung has revealed what’s in store for SRI-B moving forward. Over the next five years, Samsung will be exploring Multi-Device Intelligence, beyond 5G, Blockchain and Data Science at the Bengaluru R&D centre. These are the technologies that Samsung claims, create strong differentiation for the brand through innovation in camera technologies, AI (artificial intelligence) and 5G.

Samsung Open Innovation

With a history of filing patents among its engineers over the last 10 years, SRI-B will now also expand open innovation with other startups, students as well as universities, to “help strengthen the innovation and startup ecosystem in the country.”

To achieve this, Samsung will be scaling up its industry-academia program PRISM, under which it has been working with engineering students and faculty on real-world research and development projects. Samsung claims that the brand has worked with almost 500 students in the country, some of which have gone ahead and filed patents along with Samsung engineers.

SRI-B engineers have filed over 3,200 patents so far, with the number of patents quadrupling annually over the last three years. Samsung also mentions that during this time, it witnessed an increase in patents filed by Gen Z and Millennial engineers, 80 percent of who filed their first patents ever with SRI-B engineers.

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