Samsung launches new Micro LED, Neo QLED TVs and more at Unbox & Discover event

Samsung has just launched its 2021 lineup of TV screens and displays at its virtual Unbox and Discover event. The brand’s new products include the Samsung Neo QLED, lifestyle TVs, monitors, a projector and also a new soundbar. Here’s a look at all the new Samsung products that the brand has unveiled.

Samsung Micro LED

Samsung’s new Micro LED TVs are available in 110 inches and 99 inches with a new edge-to-edge design. There is also an 88-inch version launching this fall and a planned 76-inch version later on. The Samsung Micro LED TVs are capable of displaying up to four screens simultaneously, allowing you to watch four different content sources all at once.

The Samsung Micro LED TVs are capable of displaying up to four screens simultaneously. (Image Source: Samsung)

Samsung Neo QLED

Samsung also launched the Samsung Neo QLED TV. The device is powered by the brand’s Neo Quantum processor and Quantum Mini LEDs. These Mini LEDs are 40 times smaller than regular LEDs. This allows the device to display fine light and contrast levels. Samsung also claims that the display is capable of showing deep blacks, bright lights, and upscaling technology “smarter than any Samsung TV has ever offered”.

The Neo QLED will also display 120 frames per second and will feature a low 5.8ms response time. Samsung Neo QLED’s 8K models (QN800A and QN900A) will be available in 65-inches, 75-inches, and 85-inches sizes, while the 4K models (QN90A and QN85A) will start at 50-inches.

The Samsung Neo QLED will also display 120 frames per second and will feature a low 5.8ms response time. (Image Source: Samsung)

The Frame

Samsung also launched the 2021 edition of The Frame. The aesthetic-focused display will feature more original artwork to match people’s taste. The Frame also features an AI-based auto-curation technology that recommends artwork based on previous selections. Storage space on the new display is 6GB, compared to 500MB on the older 2020 model.

The new Frame now also lets users physically customise the display itself. There are new mounting options including a new slim-fit wall mount, along with five bezel options to choose from, with more being supported by third-party providers.

Q950A Soundbar

To go along with its range of displays Samsung also launched the new Q950A soundbar that features 11.1.4 channel sound, bass boost and easier connectivity, along with support for Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby.

The Samsung Q950A soundbar supports for Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby. (Image Source: Samsung)

The Premiere, The Terrace and other launches

Samsung also launched The Premiere, a triple laser projector with 4K resolution for home cinema setups. The device will feature rounded edges and a minimalist design. The brand is also set to launch rollable screens later this year that are optimised for use with The Premiere.

The Terrace, on the other hand, is an outdoor television that offers high resolution outdoors, while being resistant to damage by the weather. The Terrace sports an IP55 rating to protect against water and dust. It will be available in 55-inches and 65-inches with a 75-inch model coming later this year.

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