Raegr Arc M1700 MagFix review: The wireless juice-up hub

When Apple launched the MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 series it triggered a lot of anticipation about the possibilities of such a feature. While Apple itself came out with a basic charger and some covers, a host of accessory companies started working on products that tap into what this could help them create. The Raegr Arc M1700 Magfix is one device that tries to make the best of MagSafe and adds much more.

Raegr Arc M1700 MagFix is a charging dock from a company that has been very innovative in this space. To call the MagFix a charging dock will be an understatement, in fact it is a charging hub for a lot of devices that are compatible with wireless charging.

The MagFix has a tree design with two branches stemming out of the base. When you take this out of the box, there is some simple fixing to be done as you lock the vertical part to the round base. Once that is done you need to connect the Apple Watch charging pod into one of the arms. The entire process wont take more than five minutes and is self explanatory. The Apple Watch part can be a bit confusing, so read the manual.

MagSafe charger, iPhone 12, wireless charger, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra MagFix charging the Samsung S20 ultra on the MagSafe dock (Image source: Nandagopal Rajan)

Once you connect the MagFix to power, you can stick the iPhone 12 on the left hand to use the MagSafe charging. Interestingly, I could charge even the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra using this hand. Must say I was a bit surprised to see this work.

On the right you can put the Apple Watch and this somehow seems to be the best charger I have used for the same. Putting the Apple Watch on a branch-like charger somehow feels more natural.

Below, on the base is another Qi charging space which you can use for other wireless devices and phones. I tried a couple of phones as well as the Apple AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite 85t in this spot and all charged as advertised.

For me what takes the Raegr Arc M1700 MagFix one step ahead is the LED light in the base which is activated as soon as you keep a device for charging. Also there is a touch panel in case you want to switch this off. This make the Magfix is a stylish product, one that doubles up as a nightlight by your bed.

The only drawback is that using wireless charging is still not a fast process. So I did have to go back to old fashioned charging at times to juice up quickly. Use the MagFix is charge up to 100% as you sleep at night.

At Rs 4,999, the Raegr Arc M1700 MagFix is an affordable charging option that allows you to tuck away all other chargers in the home. For a person who has three Apple devices that need wireless charging, this price will not matter at all.

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