New Pixel Feature Drop update brings Smart Compose, other features

Google’s Pixel devices are known for quick updates and new timely features added straight from the tech giant. After the last Pixel feature drop in December, a new update has now arrived, which brings features such as Adaptive Sound, Google Photos suggestions to name a few.

While some features are exclusive to certain Pixel phones,  most of the new changes are available to all Pixel devices since the Pixel 3. Here are the new features explained in detail.

Google Recorder Backup and sync

Google Recorder has now introduced backup and sync support. This allows Google Recorder users to keep their recordings across devices and sync. Further, the recordings will be available at, where users can search through their recordings and see transcripts as well as listen to them. The new feature also makes it easier to share your recordings with friends and family.

Smart Compose

Google is also introducing a smart compose feature that will suggest common phrases to compose sentences quicker. Similar to the text suggestions on Gmail, the new feature currently supports only a handful of apps and American English.

Bedtime Screen for Pixel Stand

Pixel users who also use a Pixel stand for their phones will now be able to use the new Bedtime Screen feature that shows a revamped screen when the phone is docked. The notifications are also now redesigned. The feature will only work with Pixel phones that support wireless charging, including the Pixel 3 series, the Pixel 4 series and the Pixel 5.

Dive Case support

This brings support for the Universal Smart Phone Housing case. Manufactured by Kraken Sports, the case allows users to use their phone as a camera or camcorder underwater, by protecting the phone from the water and its pressure. With support for the cases, Pixel users will now be able to access new camera options like Night Sight and Portrait Mode when they are underwater.

New Wallpapers

Pixel smartphones have also received a set of new wallpapers with the update. The new walls celebrate popular occasions that take place throughout the year, with the nearest one being for Women’s Day, which is coming up on March 8.

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