Missing out on Clubhouse? Try out the Leher app from India instead

Clubhouse is the latest app to go viral, but given it is invite-only and limited to iOS, not everyone in India can try out the app. However, there is an Indian alternative for those who want a similar experience called Leher. The app has been around since 2018, though Leher is now in the spotlight given the buzz around Clubhouse.

With over 1,00,000 downloads on the Google Play Store, Leher’s biggest advantage is its availability for Android smartphones, unlike Clubhouse.m The app also primarily comprises an Indian user base, which could make it a great tool for local discussions. Unlike Clubhouse, you also need not have an invite to use the service.

What can you do on Leher?

A live discussion app, Leher lets users join live, real-time discussion clubs around topics that pique their interest. The idea is to get into discussions with like-minded people on your favourite topics. Users can either start new conversations or join existing ones.

These conversations can be either in an audio-only format or in a live video format. The app also features a monetisation model for content creators, who can use the platform to conduct discussion sessions with their audiences.

Users can also access discussion sessions that have already ended and go through them. They can also follow people and ask them questions or send them a message. Ongoing and upcoming discussions can be shared with your contacts over other platforms, who can then be invited to Leher.

How to get the app?

Leher can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones by heading over to the Google Play Store and Android App Store. Once you have the app, you can sign up by connecting Leher with your existing Google or Facebook account.

Leher will then ask you to add in details like your first and last name and a unique username that can be used to identify and search for your account. You will also be asked to enter a small bio about yourself and other applicable details like your profession and company. After this, the app will let you choose topics of your interest and follow them.

What is the Clubs feature on Leher app?

Clubs is a new feature to the Leher app, which the company says is specially designed for mobile phones and it offers a unique experience. In a club, topics of discussion are decided by the host and then they contact their guests. At a Leher club, one has the liberty to choose their own topic.

Just like on Clubhouse, one can find a club that resonates with their interest or make their own club. Leher app will let you decide who can join your club, especially if you are the creator. The company added a new feature through which one can remove people from the club.

It also states that “maintaining respectful behaviour within the community is our responsibility and we trust the club owners with the power of removing people if they do not comply with the rules of the club.”

There is no time limit on video conversation. The feature works in the background as well in case you are busy with attending official emails.

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