Meet Deep Nostalgia, an AI-powered trend that adds life to still pictures

If you’re familiar with Deep Fake, you know the powerful, near-scary capabilities of AI-driven technology when it comes to manipulating media, especially pictures and videos. But what if the same AI-driven power was put behind something beautiful? Deep Nostalgia is the answer to that question.

Deep Nostalgia uses AI to create short video clips from historic portraits of people. It has been developed by Israeli computer vision firm D-ID. The tech has been going viral on Twitter, where people have used it to bring historic figures back to life in short animated portraits. Check out the following tweets.

Deep Nostalgia is being used by many users to convert old portraits of their parents and grandparents to momentarily bring them back to life. The animations created by the tool can be downloaded as mp4 files, allowing them to be easily posted on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

You can try Deep Nostalgia by visiting the My Heritage website. Users can sign up to use Deep Nostalgia for free. However, they will only get access to a small number of animations. Anything beyond that will require users to purchase a subscription plan.

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