LastPass is making changes to its free version from March 16, 2021: Here’s what to keep in mind

LastPass, which has more than 20 million users globally, is making some changes to its free version starting March 16, 2021. The password manager app currently offers access on two device types, which are computers and mobile devices. From March 16, however, users will get access on unlimited devices of only one type. This change applies to users who are non-paying customers.

What does this LastPass change mean?

LastPass has clarified on what they mean when they say “active device type”. If you are a free user and rely on Computers as the active device type, then you can use LastPass on any other computer, desktop, laptop, etc. However, the free user cannot try out LastPass on their mobile phone or tablet or smartwatch unless they upgrade to the Premium version.

However, they can always create another LastPass Free account to access on mobiles, but again this account cannot be used on desktops or laptops, as long as it is on the free version.

Keep in mind that LastPass is still giving ‘unlimited device type access’, but it is limited to one device type. So either you choose the computer universe or the mobile one as your active device on the free LastPass account.

LastPass says that after you first login on or after March 16, it will set your active device type. It will also give users three opportunities to switch their active device type.

All of the devices sync automatically, so one will not lose access to anything stored in their vault or be locked out of their account, regardless of whether they use a computer or mobile devices to access LastPass.

Further, LastPass will also limit email support to only Premium and Families customers from May 17, 2021. Free users will always have access to the Support Center, which has self-help resources available 24/7 plus access to the LastPass Community, which is actively monitored by LastPass specialists, says the company.

Free users will continue to receive email support for technical issues until May 16 to assist through the transition of selecting an active device type, the company added in the blog post.

The premium version of LastPass starts at $3 per month, while the Families subscription costs $4 per month.

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