Jabra Elite 85t review: Perfect for work, and play

When it comes to audio, Jabra is a company with some understated elegance. It is not talked about much, but has over the years done well to get a loyal set of users who trust the brand to deliver what it promises, especially with the dependability that enterprise users demand. The new Jabra Elite 85t is no exception to this rule.

Jabra Elite 85t price in India: Rs 18,999

The Jabra Elite 85t comes in a compact charging case that can easily fit into your jeans or coat pocket. Inside, there are two ergonomically designed pods that are not unique in design. But the two fit perfectly in your ears with very little protruding outside. The duo creates a vacuum of its own to keep noise out.

Over the week or so I used the device, there were quite a few occasions on which I left the EarPods on even when there were no calls or music, because they are so easy to be forgotten thanks to the design and light weight. Even during long walks, trying to keep pace with the conversation happening on Zoom or Google Meets, the earpieces would stay well in place.

Jabra Elite 85t, Jabra Elite 85t review, jabra earphones, jabra elite, Jabra Elite 85t price in india, Jabra Elite 85t price, audio quality, Jabra Elite 85t performance, Jabra Elite 85t features A closer look at the Jabra Elite 85t wireless earphones. (Photo credit: Nandagopal Ranjan/Express photo)

The Jabra Elite 85t comes with active noise cancellation and it is one of the best I have experienced in truly wireless earphones. They cut out most of the noise when I am working early in the morning, letting in only a stray horn here and there and completely draining out the drone of my rickety ceiling fan and the renovation work at my neighbour’s. You can tap the earphones to go to transparency mode and be more aware of your surroundings.

Also, the noise cancellation presented me with a mystery. As I was walking in my society, I noticed a few spots where the noise cancellation would recaliberate, maybe because the wind direction changed. The Jabra Sound+ gives you more control with the noise cancellation as there are preset modes for commute and focus. I have loved how the Jabra app gives pre-recorded soundscapes that help you focus or concentrate. My personal favourites have always been Ocean Waves and Cavern that help me create a space for myself, a tough ask these days when the entire family is cooped up at home.

The audio quality of the Jabra Elite 85t is pretty good, offering a very rich sound profile which I thought was a bit biased towards bass, but not in an overwhelming kind of way. Listening to Apple Music’s Groove playlist — my favourite when I get the luxury to go on a brisk walk without a call in my ears — I could experience the versatility of the earphones. It does well when switching from the vocals to a bass-heavy thumb or just holding fort with high notes of a Carnatic recital.

Jabra Elite 85t, Jabra Elite 85t review, jabra earphones, jabra elite, Jabra Elite 85t price in india, Jabra Elite 85t price, audio quality, Jabra Elite 85t performance, Jabra Elite 85t features The Jabra Elite 85t TWS earphones come in a compact charging case. (Photo credit: Nandagopal Ranjan/Express photo)

But frankly I used the Jabra Elite 85t much more for calls than music and have nothing to complain. This is among the few truly wireless earphones that don’t go into a tinny note as soon as you dial someone and that is a huge plus. On Zoom calls, the voices are balanced and you get the feeling you are actually in the room with your colleagues.

The battery life is good and can last 2-3 days even if you choose to wear this all the time for your work from home endeavours.

In my books, the Jabra Elite 85t comes across as a great option for those who need a dependable earphone for long calls at work and to relax with some great music whenever that opportunity presents itself. Yes, this model is a bit expensive, but the top notch noise cancellation and audio quality make it worth it.

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