Instagram working on vertical feed for Stories to attract TikTok users

Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature, which will remind users of TikTok. A report from TechCrunch states that Instagram is testing a vertical feed for Stories. The company confirmed to the cited source that the feature is under development, but is not released for public.

Currently, users need to tap or swipe horizontally to move to the next Story. The TikTok-style vertical feed could be introduced soon as the feature was spotted under development by developer Alessandro Paluzzi. The developer also shared a screenshot of the “Vertical feed” feature via his Twitter handle.

The screenshot hints that one will have to swipe up or down to check all the Instagram stories. The format might be similar to how Instagram Reels works, which was originally inspired by TikTok.

“This is an early prototype and is not currently testing on Instagram,” the company said, adds the report.  If the social media giant plans to launch it in the future, then this will be a noteworthy change. It is currently unknown as to when Instagram will start testing the feature or make it public, but it will be interesting to see how this will fit in the redesigned Stories section in the main interface.

Instagram offers a lot of ways to post a long or short form of videos on its platform. You have Stories, Reels for short videos and IGTV for long-form videos. The social media giant introduced Instagram Reels in 2020 to attract TikTok users. Reels works just like TikTok and lets you upload a 15 or 30 seconds video.

Just last week, Instagram launched a new layout for viewing Stories on web and desktop versions. The new format gives a separate space to those Stories that are not viewed by users and a separate space for the ones that have been viewed. Instagram also introduced a new feature that lets users restore photos, reels, videos, IGTV videos, and Stories that they deleted recently.

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