Instagram to permanently remove accounts used to racially abuse Premier League players

Facebook-owned Instagram has recently announced that the platform will be implementing new measures to combat online abuse against football players. The move comes after a number of players from the Premier League faced racist attacks on the platform.Instagram has said that accounts, which indulged in the pratice would be removed permanently instead of being simply suspended.

The affected players include Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Axel Tuanzebe. Reece James from Chelsea has also been a target for the online accounts, which have been using Instagram to racially abuse the players.

“Currently, we will set a specific ban or what we call a block for a set amount of time when someone violates those rules and we extend that time should they continue to do so,” Fadzai Madzingira, content policy manager at Facebook said, as per a report by Britain’s Press Association news agency.

Instagram has also revealed that the platform is developing software, which will prevent trolls from sending racial messages that users and players have to deal with on a daily basis.

“We want Instagram to be a place for people to connect with the people and things they love. But we also know that, just like in the offline world, there will always be those who abuse others. We’ve seen it most recently with racist online abuse targeted at footballers in the UK. We don’t want this behaviour on Instagram,” Instagram in a statement, as per a report by the Mirror.

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