Indians would take data privacy more seriously if it was traded like a currency: McAfee survey

While the 2020 global pandemic has forced more Indians to go online for activities such as banking, shopping, etc, many are still not sure about staying safe on the internet. Further, nearly 90 percent of those surveyed would take their data privacy more seriously if it was traded like a currency. These were the key findings of a new report by global cyber security firm McAfee.

McAfee’s survey also showed that Indians are more comfortable ordering food online (around 63 percent), compared to say online dating where only 42 percent felt secure. In 2020, online actives like banking (68 percent) financial planning (55 percent), and personal shopping (63 percent) were on top of the list for those surveyed.

But the report also notes that with the increase in online activities, consumers are potentially exposed to more cyber threats. Further, 74 percent of those surveyed were concerned about today’s cyber risks. Nearly 78 percent were worried about financial data being stolen such as credit card information, debit card details, etc.

Around 20 percent respondents admitted that they are not confident in their ability to prevent a cyberattack. Nearly 74 percent of the users were also concerned that their personal information, such as birthday or address, could get hacked.

The survey also showed that 75 percent of respondents adopted or purchased security solutions in 2020. The major reason behind this is to protect personal data from cybercriminals and awareness of increasing cybercrime. The report also said that 51 percent of children under the age of 18 were conducting online activities, while 28 percent children under the age of 12 used digital platforms.

McAfee’s survey is based on an online questionnaire conducted with 1,002 adults over the age of 18 in India, between December 11-23, 2020.

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