IE App Reviews: ‘Plato – Games & Group Chats’ makes social gaming more fun

It’s 2021 and games that now have an integrated social platform are abundant, irrespective of the platform. The social features on many PC, console and mobile games encourage players to bring together their friends and family on the title, where they can now compete against each other.

Amidst these titles is Plato, a texting app that integrates enough games to keep you hooked for a lifetime. Along with texting, Plato allows you to game with your friends right from the chat window and offers a large number of titles to choose from. The app also lets you play games in groups with your friends, and features no ads. We tried Plato for a while and here’s what we think.

Plato, Plato app, app reviews, Android games, best android games, best smartphone games, Plato offers a clean, simple and ad-free UI. (Express Photo)

Simple, ad-free interface

Plato offers a simplistic user interface across the app that’s pretty easy to master. A quick button to your personal profile on the top left, and a few tabs on the bottom are all you require to get started on the app. Inviting friends is easy thanks to quick shortcuts to WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Once your friends are added, getting started with a game is as easy as sending them a text message. To initiate a game, you first click on the game launching button on the bottom left. Here, select from a list of over 45 games and choose elements like the number of rounds. After you click ‘Play’, your friend is alerted and asked to join the match.

Messaging abilities

Plato is not going to be your day-to-day communication tool. The app’s messaging interface only lets you chat and doesn’t support sending images, stickers, or GIFs. However, the chat interface is still usable when you’re in games. This is great for the app’s turn-by-turn titles like Bowling, Archery or Golf that let other players chat when it’s not their turn.

Gaming in groups

One of Plato’s USPs is gaming in groups where you can create a group of more than two players and they can all jump in on the same game. Most Plato group titles support 4 players, along with other games like Ocho, which can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players.

Gaming in groups is quite enjoyable, and a big selection of titles to choose from also makes sure boredom from lack of choice is non-existent.

Game Selection and other features

Plato offers a variety of games, which can be anywhere from casual in nature to competitive skill-based titles. All the games are simple ones that aren’t very resource-heavy and should work fine, even on older devices. There are chance-based games to choose from like Ludo, Ocho and Bingo as well as skill-based games like Chess, Bounce, Pool and Sea Battle (Plato’s version of Battleship, a popular board game).

Plato, Plato app, app reviews, Android games, best android games, best smartphone games, Plato includes skill-based games like bounce and archery as well as chance-based games like Ocho. (Express Photo)

Some more complex games worth trying out on Plato include Literati (Plato’s version of scrabble), Bankroll, and Draw Together (the app’s take on Pictionary). The app also includes a Chat Room tab where you can find a number of public chat rooms and interact with strangers who speak the same language.


After trying out Facebook and Snapchat’s version of the in-chat gaming, Plato is a winner, largely due to its large game selection and multiplayer abilities. The ‘freemium’ app is also ad-free even if you don’t pay for extra features, which makes the experience much more cleaner and enjoyable. Other bonus points include availability on both Android and iOS, meaning friends who are not on the same platform can also play along.

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