How to share apps without internet with Google Nearby Share

Google’s Nearby Share feature has been around for a while now, and it is a great way to share links, photos and more with family and friends. The app uses no data connection and doesn’t need the sending and receiving devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Now, Nearby Share also allows you to share apps to a nearby phone, just as fast and conveniently. Moreover, the Google Nearby Share feature doesn’t require a separate app and is ad-free and clutter-free unlike apps like ShareIt and Xender.

You still will not require cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing applications via Nearby Share. However, the device you are sharing to will need to be in close proximity. While Indian Express can confirm that the feature works and is present on all devices, not all devices may get the feature immediately.

Here’s how you can share to another Android phone using Google Nearby Share in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store

The Nearby Share feature is integrated within the Android operating system and doesn’t operate via a separate app. Hence, to share apps via Nearby Share, you will first have to go to the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Go to My Apps and Games/ Share

Use the hamburger menu on the top left to open the Google Play Store options. Here select My Apps and Games, the first option. In here, swipe to the right-most tab called ‘Share’.  In case you still are not able to see the Share tab here, it means you will need to wait before the feature rolls out to your phone. Note that you will have to turn on your phone’s location to use the feature.

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Step 3: Choose Send/Receive

If you’re using the device that is sending the app, choose the ‘Send’ option, whereas if you’re receiving the app, choose the ‘Receive’ option.

In case you’re receiving, all you need to do beyond this step is to wait until you get the sender’s notification and accept the incoming app. Once you receive the APK file, you will be able to install it right from the same screen.

Step 4: Select the apps to send and share them

If you’re the Sender, choose the app or apps that you want to share on the next screen like shown in the image above. In the subsequent screen look for the receiver near you that you want to share the apps to.

Google’s Nearby Share also allows you to choose which contacts are able to spot your device nearby when they turn on the feature. This can be changed by navigating to your phone’s Settings app and searching for ‘Nearby Share’.  Along with device visibility, you will also be able to check what name your device will display and what picture will accompany it.

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