How to set these stunning NASA pictures as your phone’s wallpaper, WhatsApp chat wallpaper

If you are of those who have been on the look out for official images/illustrations to set as wallpapers on your phone, NASA now has several options to choose from. NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory has made several images available on their platform, which can be used as wallpapers on your phone or tablet.

You can also use these images as screensavers or chat wallpapers for WhatsApp, Signal and other messaging apps. The images are fairly heavy in size, nearly 2.4 MB each so keep that in mind when downloading these on your phone.

How to download these wallpapers and set as lockscreen or wallpaper on your phone:

# Visit the website.

# You will see a collection of wallpapers ranging from exploding nebula to galaxies far away, dwarf stars and more. Tap on the image of your liking.

# After choosing the image, long press on the image in your browser. You will be shown a range of actions to choose from both on Android and iOS. Tap on the ‘Download image’ option and the download will begin on Android. Similarly, on iOS devices, you can choose ‘Add to Photos’ after a long press and it will be visible in camera roll.

# Like any other photo on your device, the downloaded image can be set as wallpaper. We tried in on Samsung Galaxy S20 and the image looked stunning on the edge-to-edge display. On an iPhone XS as well, the images look quite stunning when set as the lock screen.

How to set these NASA images as wallpaper on WhatsApp chat 

On WhatsApp, you can set the chat wallpaper for each individual chat or group chats as well. On an individual chat or group chat, just tap on the individual name or group name respectively. This applies to both iOS and Android.

You will see wallpaper and sound as one of the options in the menu. Tap on this option.

Next tap on ‘Choose a new wallpaper’. You will see Photos as an option, and go to the last saved photo on your camera roll, which should be the image downloaded from NASA.

You can also pinch to zoom in or out and set perspective.  Set the wallpaper for the chat, once the perspective is to your liking.

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