How to lock your Facebook profile using your Android smartphone or iPhone

With Facebook bringing in many new features and privacy settings and regulations, users who have been on the platform for a long time may not be aware of the control they now have over their profiles. One of these is the ability to lock your so that other Facebook users can’t interact with your Facebook profile without your permission.

Anyone on Facebook can tag you in pictures and share a post on the timeline. However, you can change this. The control is currently missing on the Facebook Desktop page but you may use the Facebook app or Facebook mobile page to change this setting.

Step 1: Open Facebook and go to your profile

Facebook, Facebook profile. Facebook app, Open your Facebook profile. (Express Photo)

Once you open up Facebook, either on the app or the page, click on the first icon in the uppermost tab. This is the timeline button, shaped like a house. Click on your profile picture to open up your profile.

Step 2: Lock your profile

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Next to the ‘Add to Story’ button, you should see a three-dot menu. Open it and choose Lock Profile on the next screen to lock your profile from interaction by your friends. A subsequent screen will show you what changes when you lock your profile, including what friends and strangers can and cannot see. Proceed and click on ‘OK’ to successfully lock your Facebook profile.

Unlocking your profile

Should you for some reason want to reverse this change in the future, Facebook allows you to Unlock your profile as well. To do this, go back to your profile as you did in Step 1. Open the same three-dot menu as you did in Step 2 and choose ‘Unlock Profile’.

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