How to add and use Telegram’s animated stickers in a few easy steps

Popular messaging app Telegram is feature-packed and one of its best yet simplest features is the ability to select from its large library of stickers and send them to your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Telegram’s animated stickers allow a fun, and more expressive way of saying what you feel, be it anger, love or simply goofiness. The in-app sticker collection on Telegram is larger than what one gets on WhatsApp.

Selecting and sending out Telegram animated stickers is quite easy and requires minimal steps. However, the app’s abundance of stickers is available on the Telegram Sticker store by default and you’ll have to first add them before you can use them as many times as you like. Here’s how to do that in a few easy steps.

How to add and use Telegram animated stickers

Step 1: Go to a Telegram chat window

Open up Telegram and go to any of your contact’s chat.

Step 2: Open the emoji bar and switch to the Stickers tab

Once in the chat, click on the emoji button. This should be on the left of the box where you type your text message and will be shaped like a smiley face. Once the emoji bar opens up, hit the stickers button to go to the stickers tab or simply swipe from right to left twice to get there.

Telegram, Telegram stickers, how to send stickers on telegram Here’s how to add new sticker packs from the Telegram sticker store. (Express Photo)

Step 3: Click on the Add button

Click on the Plus button (+) on the top left of the panel to go to the Telegram Sticker store. Here you will be able to add the sticker packs that you want by clicking on ‘Add’ next to the various sticker sets.

Step 4: Use Telegram stickers wherever you like

Once you have added the sticker packs that you like, you can repeat Steps 1 and 2 to go to the Stickers tab. From here, you can now send your stickers by simply tapping on them. Over time, the stickers you use more often will show up on the top of the bar for quicker access.

The same stickers will appear irrespective of which chat you’re in so you need not add stickers separately for each contact. Feel free to go back to the sticker store to add more sticker packs.

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