Here are five features you should keep in mind

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps, which had made significant gains in markets like India. Many users have switched to the app after WhatsApp announced a change to its privacy policy, which left them unhappy. According to Telegram co-founder Pavel Durov, 25 million new users joined Telegram in under 72 hours in January 2021, and the app has crossed 500 million users.

The app is free to use, however, not all of your chats are end-to-end encrypted. If you have recently joined Telegram, then there are a few features you should know about in 2021.

Your Telegram a/c will get deleted automatically: How to change

If you don’t use Telegram for about 6 months, then your Telegram account will get deleted. The app says that all your messages and contacts will also be deleted if you do not come online in the mentioned period. You can change this default setting to one year.

To change the settings, you need to visit the Settings section > Privacy and Security. Now, scroll down to find Delete my account option, where you can change settings.

Add fingerprint lock or passcode

In order to add fingerprint lock in Telegram, you need to first set passcode lock. You can either add PIN or Password. Once done, the app will show you “Unlock with Fingerprint option.” You can then disable or enable it as per your preference. If you enable it, you don’t need to enter PIN or password every time you open the app.

Privacy settings for Forwarded Messages

One of the great features of Telegram is Forwarded Messages. If you have forwarded a message, then the receiver can check the original source of the message. Telegram not only adds the name of the original source, but also adds a link to his/her account. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can change this.

Just visit the Settings section > tap on “Privacy and Security” > Forwarded Messages. There is a section, which says “Who can add a link to my account when forwarding my messages.” Here, you get three options, including Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody. You can choose as per your preference.

Chat colour theme customisation/wallpapers

Telegram offers five different chat colour themes, including Dark, Day, Classic, Night and Artic. The best part is you can also change the colour of recipients messages, your messages, and chat background. The app even allows you to change the corners of the messages boxes.

You also get unlimited background patterns and one can even add solid background colours. For this, you need to go to Settings > Chat Settings. You can always switch back to the default Telegram theme. Telegram users can also add photos from Gallery. Telegram itself offers a lot of wallpapers that you can use for chats.

Edit/Schedule messages on mobile

This is one of the best features of Telegram. You can edit or schedule messages on Telegram on the mobile version too. The maximum time you get to edit your text messages is two days after they were sent. The feature is available for both private chats and groups. All you need to do is long-press on the message and tap on the pencil icon to edit a message. To schedule a message on Telegram, you first need to type a message and then long-press on the send icon. Telegram will show you Schedule message option, which you need to tap on to set time and day.

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