Google’s Android update brings features such as ability to schedule text messages and more

Google has added new features to Android. The latest update will help improve battery life, and gives users the ability to do more with their smartphones and go hands-free. The rollout of these features has already begun worldwide. In order to access these features ensure that your apps are updated or look for an update on Google Play Store.

Better password security on Google account

Google has integrated Password Checkup with your Google accounts. This feature will help users know whether the password used previously has been exposed or not. While entering a password in an app using Autofill with Google, Password Checkup will run it by a list of compromised passwords it has identified and potentially stolen and posted on the web. Google says that it will alert the users to take necessary action to safeguard their accounts. This feature will be available on Android smartphones running on Android 9 or above.

Schedule send text messages

The ability to ‘schedule send’ feat is coming to the Messages app on devices running on Android 7 or later. The feature will let users schedule a text message by holding down the send button after typing the message. Users will be able to set a time and date to send these text messages. This feature can come in handy for people living in different time zones or for users who need to remind a colleague or a friend about something.

A smarter version of TalkBack

Google says it worked closely with visually impaired and low vision communities to add new features to the TalkBack app allowing users to navigate their devices better. The new and improved app contains now includes intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu and more.

Dark mode on Google Maps

Dark mode on Google Maps will be rolled out to users globally. The feature will help users save battery life on their smartphones. The feature can be enabled by going into the settings, tapping on “Theme” option and then choosing “Always in Dark Theme”. In order to turn on this feature, users need to turn on “Lock Screen Personal Results” in the app’s settings.

Android Auto made more interesting

In order to use this feature, you need to have a compatible car with a touch screen. The new features to Android Auto include more custom wallpapers, voice-activated games like “jeopardy”, split-screen for cars with wide screens and controls to adjust the thermostat. Google says that the split-screen feature will enable users to view Maps and media controls at the same time. The new features will be available on devices running on Android 6 or above.

Use Google Assistant when phone is locked

Users can now use Google Assistant when their phone is locked. They can give commands like “Read my text messages”, “Call ‘contact name’”, “Set and alarm” and others.

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