Google will give more information about sites appearing in Search results

Google has announced a new feature that will provide users with more information about the sites appearing in search results. The menu icon which will be visible on the right of the search result and it will give more information about the website before the user opens the link.

In a blog post, the company announced that they are working on new ways to make it more efficient so that users don’t have to do another search to get the necessary information. The aim is to give better context to the users especially when they are looking for answers related to health and finance.

For most of these search results, the description will be provided by Wikipedia. In the absence of a description, Google will show additional information it can gather, including the first time a site was indexed on the search engine. The new feature is aimed to help users save time as they will now know more before opening the link.

The feature is not yet available in India. The company said that the rollout is underway in the US and the new feature will be available on Android devices, desktops and mobile web.

Users will also be able to see how Google sourced the information from the web or from the businesses themselves. Google will show the users these searches in a “helpful format” as they will be able to differentiate which one is sponsored and vice versa.

The new update also gives the users more control over security. They will know whether the connection between them and the website is secure or not based on the use of the HTTPS protocol.

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