Google Photos now categorising pics based on holiday and food memories

Google Photos has reportedly rolled out a new update, which adds a new “Memories collections,” feature. It was first spotted by Android Police, and the app will show Stories about past holidays and calorie-rich foods. These stories will display a collection of moments under certain labels, namely “Sand and sea” and “Tasty treats.”

Just a few weeks back, Google Photos added a children-themed story titled “Out to play.” With all these collections, Google wants people to relive their past happy moments as a lot of them are still staying indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Sand and sea” memory collection displays images that one captured at a beach or seaside using their smartphone. The “Tasty treats” collection will show photos of desserts, including cakes, pancakes, and cupcakes.

The search giant has also added a sports-focused “Roar of the Crowd” collection, which shows photos of stadiums that one  might have visited in the past. We also checked the Google Photos app and it was showing us sunset photos under “The Magic Hour” label.

While the memory collection feature is a great idea, Google doesn’t display the name of all the places you visited. Google Photos leverage software algorithms to create different collections; however, not all the photos offered by Google are always accurately placed in a collection, which is not surprising.

One cannot depend entirely on software as it sometimes offers a few wrong entries. According to Android Police one image of Lake Tahoe was mistakenly dropped by Google in the “Sand and Sea” collection and Google’s Android lawn statues in the “Tasty treats” collection. Nevertheless, this is a great feature and it is expected to become better and more accurate in the near future.

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