Google has a foldable Pixel device in works: Report

Google may be working on a foldable smartphone, as per a new report. According to YouTuber Jon Prosser, the Google Pixel “fold” is a real thing.” It seems foldable screens could be the next big form factor, and Google is aware about the market potential for ultra high-end phones.

Earlier, The Elec said in a report that Samsung is developing foldable panels for Google among other smartphone companies. The report says that the requested OLED panel’s size by Google is 7.6-inch in size.

It is to be noted that Samsung will be launching its third generation of foldable devices this year. It has already launched two large foldable devices and two clamshell phones. The requested panel size is also the same as the one seen on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

While the software giant has not focused majorly on optimising apps for devices like the LG Wing, there has been an improvement for devices in the foldable form factor. With Android 12 coming up this year, there can be a few dedicated optimisations for foldable phones.

Apart from the display size, there is not much information about the specifications of the expected Google’s foldable phone. So far, major players like Samsung and Huawei have introduced foldable devices whereas Motorola has focused on producing its clamshell Moto Razr phone. On the other hand, brands like Xiaomi and Oppo have not launched a foldable phone yet. It will be interesting to see when Google Pixel foldable phone goes official or whether it will be available in India or not.

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