Google Android 12’s dessert name could be Snow Cone: All new features we know so far

Google’s upcoming operating system update Android 12 may be called “Snow Cone” unofficially. As per XDA Developers, the development branches of Android 12’s source code are prefaced with “sc”, which is short for Snow Cone. Last year, Android 11’s development branches were prefaced with “rvc” which is short for Red Velvet cake.

Google used to give dessert names to new Android versions, but stopped this practice at the launch of Android 10. With the release of Android 11 last year, Google also published an Augment Reality (AR) statue, which had a recipe hidden to make the Android version-themed Red Velvet Cake.

Android 12 features we know so far

Earlier this month, a leaked early draft from the documentations showed screenshots of the new user interface of the Android 12. The screenshots also show that it will have a change in colour scheme and sport an opaque design once the notification bar is pulled down, four quick settings options instead of six and rounded corners for each notification.

In addition, there are new icons on the top right corner, which will show whether the app is using the phone’s microphone, camera and has access to the user’s location. Apple’s iOS is already doing something similar. If available in the next update, this feature will be a valuable addition considering the privacy of users.

There is a change in the widgets section as well. The new update will have a ‘Conversations’ widget that will show missed calls, messages and recent activity for a particular contact. Google may also make it mandatory for all devices running Android 12.

There was also a report by 9to5Google, which indicated that the Android 12 will have an option to enable one-handed mode via a gesture. The feature will come in handy for users especially with small hands with screen sizes of the smartphones reaching seven inches.

So far, there is no fixed date for the unveiling and release of Android 12 update. But it is expected to be released later this year by August, going by previous timelines. The public betas will likely make an appearance by May.

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