Gmail app privacy labels added to Apple’s App Store: Here’s what user data it is collecting

Gmail app’s Privacy labels are finally available on Apple’s App Store. The news comes days after Google added privacy labels for YouTube. As Apple made privacy Labels mandatory for all iOS apps in December 2020, Google is gradually adding privacy labels to its native apps.

The privacy labels were introduced by Apple to make it easy for users to understand how much user data every app collects, processes and links.

The privacy labels for the Gmail app show that location, user ID, and usage data of a user are shared with third-party advertisers. Purchases, usage data, location, contact info, and search history are used for analytics purposes, product personalization, and basic functionality of the app.

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What user data does Gmail collect?

As per the privacy labels added by Google on App Store, Gmail collects maximum categories of data if you use every available feature and service in the Gmail app. Google says one can always control privacy settings by visiting the Google Account or going directly to the Google products you use on iOS.

For Analytics, Gmail saves Purchase History, Coarse Location, Email Address, Photos or Videos, Audio Data, Other User Content, User ID, Device ID, Usage Data, Search History, Crash Data, Advertising Data, Performance Data and Other Data Types that the company hasn’t mentioned.

Data collected to personalise Gmail for you includes: Email Address, Name, Coarse Location, Emails or Text Messages, Audio Data, Photos or Videos, Other User Content, Search History, Device ID, User ID, Usage Data, Advertising Data, Crash Data, Performance Data and Other Data Types.

How many Google apps are listed on App Store with Privacy label?

Currently, around 12 Google apps have “Privacy” labels. These include Gmail, YouTube, Google Stadia, Google Translate, Google Authenticator, Google Classroom, Google Fiber, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Fiber TV, Wear OS, Onduo for Diabetes, Project Baseline, Google Smart Lock, Motion Stills – GIF, Collage.

The search giant hasn’t yet added privacy labels for Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Maps, among others.

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