February 15, 1981, Forty Years Ago: Sixth Plan Approved

The Sixth Five-Year Plan, providing for a total investment of Rs 1,72.210 crore including Rs 97,500 crore in the public sector and covering the period 1980-85, was approved by the National Development Council. The Planning Minister, N D Tiwari, told a news conference that the approval was by consensus but the three leftist states — West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura — expressed dissent at the NDC. The reservations of the three states, the minister said, were based on ideological grounds but they had assured him that the targets laid down in the Plan programmes would be fulfilled in a spirit of competition.

NAM Declaration

The declaration of the nonaligned foreign ministers’ conference has made two important points: One, formulation of principles of the movement in relation to the Iraq-Iran war and two, economic cooperation among developing countries, including OPEC countries. The principles are: No state should acquire or occupy territories by the use of force, and whatever territories have been acquired in this way should be returned. For the first time, the conference has nominated a team to seek a solution to th e Iraq-Iran war in the context of these principles. India, Zambia, Cuba and the PLO are the members of the “fact-finding” team.

Mine Collapse

About 100 workers a re feared buried under the debris of a coal mine at Bhadua four kms away from Giridih town in the Chhotanagpur tribal belt, according to unofficial reports received here. The mine was reportedly being operated illegally.

Baroda Unrest

At least seven persons were injured when the police fired 22 rounds at five places in Baroda and burst nearly 300 teargas shells to quell rioting and arson. District superintendent of police, M M Mehta, said one more person was injured by a teargas shell, while over 30 others were hurt in lathi-charge.

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