Facebook will block Australian users from sharing news as ‘Media code’ set to become law

Facebook has said that it will block users in Australian from sharing news on the platform. The announcement comes as Australia is set to make the new ‘media code’ as its law, which seeks to correct the bargaining imbalance between newsrooms and digital giants such as Facebook, Google. The social media giant had threatened to do this if the proposed law were passed.

Australia’s new proposed law argues that both platforms should pay news publications for the links they use. It allows news publishers to pursue individual deals with Facebook and Google and also seek arbitration in case they feel that a deal being offered is not fair.

“Today we made an incredibly difficult decision to restrict the availability of news on Facebook in Australia. What the proposed law introduced in Australia fails to recognise is the fundamental nature of the relationship between our platform and publishers. Contrary to what some have suggested, Facebook does not steal news content,” it said in a blog post.

Google had also threatened to pull out its search engine from the country, but it had appeared to back down on the threats. According to news reports, Google has struck deals with several Australian news media outlets.

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