Dyson study suggests traditional methods of house cleaning are harmful to health

A Dyson study has revealed that Indian households may not be as clean as we think.

As per the study carried out by FICCI Research and Analysis Centre (FRAC) and commissioned by Dyson, Indian households have dust, which includes cockroach allergens, dust mites allergens, dog allergens, mould, bacteria and fungi, on surfaces where we eat, sit, play and sleep, even after being cleaned regularly using the traditional methods.

The company says that many of these particles are not visible to the naked eye and can only be seen using a microscope. The result is based on the study conducted in around 100 households across Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The Dyson Global Dust Study even found that “1 in 5 were surprised to discover that viruses can be present in household dust 4 and less than 5% know that dust mites and their faeces are constituents of dust at all. In reality, house dust mite faeces are considered the most important inducers of allergenic diseases worldwide.”



Dyson, which is known for offering premium vacuum cleaners, advises people to use relevant technology to remove the bacteria, pollen and dust mite allergens found in dust.

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