DigiLocker now supports passports: Here are the details

The Digilocker app has been a handy tool for many Indians, allowing them to keep important documents like their Aadhaar card on their person at all times. Now, Union Minister V Muraleedharan has announced that the app will soon let users submit the documents required for passport services in a paperless mode, after which the users need not carry the original documents.

Integration between the Digilocker app and the ‘Passport Seva Programme’ will make availing passport services less of a hassle. Additionally, since most users will always have their phone with them, the Digilocker app could be a quick and handy substitute for the original passport documents.

“We are also working towards rolling out e-passports for the citizens that are designed to increase security, making it more difficult to tamper with the data recorded on a passport, thereby limiting the chances of fraud,” Muraleedharan said at an event.

What is Digilocker?

Digilocker is an application available for smartphones that offers you to integrate your Aadhaar account with the app, allowing you to pull and save important documents associated with your social ID. These can then be produced and shown at will, whenever and wherever users require them. Digilocker supports a range of documents, from users’ class X mark sheets to their Driving Licenses.

Digilocker also became an official alternative to the physical Driving License card back in September 2019, allowing users to show their license via the app instead of the original card. Now, with the addition of passports in the mix, Digilocker could be a must-have for frequent international travellers who could use the app to avoid any passport-related complications overseas.

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