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It’s crucial to have the best possible gaming keyboard if you’re a gamer. Rather than the average gaming keyboard, you will find just one-handed gaming keyboards available which you may opt for improved gaming and productivity experience. Even professional players prefer one-handed gaming keyboards. In this keyboard, there’ll be no useless keys that you may accidentally press. All the keys inside are programmable in a lot of the keypads. The following is the listing of the top 10 best one-handed gaming keyboards to select from.

1. NPET T20 One-Handed RGB Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

This is the ideal blend of ergonomics and functionality since it allows you to have a better advantage. The one-handed gaming keyboard includes several attributes, and you can use it comfortably. Moreover, this has programmable keys that enable you to customize it according to your requirements. What’s more, it has a fast answer as it features short travel switches.

Also, this has a delicate look, and it is simple to adjust the RGB backlight and use it according to your requirements. This may be ideal for professional gambling since it also has anti-ghosting.


  1. Great price
  2. Portable
  3. Highly customizable


  1. Software demands for a bit polishing

2. Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming

At number 10 is the Delux T9 gaming keyboard. The professionally-designed unit comes in an intuitive design for comfortable gameplay. It comprises 46 keys that provide a selection of functions such as pause, Esc, Volume Up, Web Home, Double Space, Mute, and Volume down. The lightweight keypad takes up minimal space and is ergonomic to provide you with maximum comfort.

It moves freely on the desk and contains a recess type key that is more user-friendly. The four groups of specific keys are well-positioned for quick, easy access and are well spaced to minimize hitting the wrong key, particularly when under pressure. Carrying or manoeuvring this product is easy because of its compact design and lightweight. It supports one hand gambling and works with Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP / Vista / 7and 8.


  1. Unlimited macro lengths
  2. Braided fibre cable
  3. Unlimited, customizable profiles via Razer Synapse
  4. Keymap Indicator


  1. Not waterproof. Keep the pad away from liquid, humidity, or moisture.
  2. Only a 1-year warranty

3. RedThunder One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard–RedThunder k50 ordered with the fresh kind blue switch; this blue switch is reinforced at the joint, making the key more secure and durable. The mechanical keys provide moderate immunity, audible click sound, and crisp, precise tactile feedback for ultimate gaming performance. Macro Recording Keys–The G1 – G6 keys have the macro recording feature; you can record the contents and make complex macros to take complete command of your PC.

RGB BACKLIGHT The keyboard uses the most modern lighting alternatives; you can change dozens of light effects without installing any drivers. Built-in 9 backlight colours, five backlight modes, press FN+5 to alter the intensity of the backlight, press FN+Tab to change the backlight mode. The lights are soft and bright, developing a perfect gaming environment for you.

If there isn’t any recording in G1, press FN + G1 to put in the recording state; two, after the G1 lamp is flashing, you can enter the recording material; 3. After enter FN + G1, the G1 light will go back to the usual manner; 4. DUST-PROOF BLUE SWITCH Structured with fresh kind blue switch, this blue switch is reinforced at the joint, making the key more secure and durable. The mechanical keys provide moderate immunity, audible click sound, and crisp, precise tactile feedback for ultimate gaming performance. LARGE HAND-REST The oversize hand-rest matches the hands perfectly, the surface of the hand-rest is soft and comfortable, suitable for long-term usage. It’ll bring you more relaxed gaming experience. ERGONOMIC DESIGN comes with a compact 35-keys space-saving layout. The ergonomic structure will offer you a relaxing gambling experience. However long you kind or how extreme your gaming marathons are, you’re always comfortable.


  1. The keypad is easy to use
  2. Price versus value is good
  3. Ergonomically comfortable to use
  4. Mechanical keys are quiet


  1. Programming features are difficult to understand
  2. Unable to customize colour presets

4. MOSTOP Keybaord One-Handed Keyboard

This offers one to adapt to natural moves and perform better. Furthermore, this is made from high-quality ABS material and can persist for quite a long time. Additionally, it has 10 million occasions of life and comes with a distinctive touch that enhances your gaming experience.

What’s more, you can join it handily as it regards the character of plug and play. The product has broad compatibility, and it features a quick response rate in addition to short stroke. This won’t disappoint you when it comes to functionality, and it includes a box mechanical shaft for a wonderful experience. Moreover, this will perfectly adapt to different game environments and lets you maximize the background space.


  1. Supports easy plug-n-play operation.
  2. It comes with a comfortable palm rest.
  3. Each key has a prolonged lifespan.


  1. Unable to customize colour presets

5. MOSTOP Keybaord One-Handed Keyboard

If you’re searching for a one-handed keyboard which includes programmable keys, then this will act as the most suitable one for you. You can customize it according to your own requirements and make superior functions. Moreover, this has multiple internet navigation buttons, and you’ll also find multimedia menus. In addition, this comes in an attractive layout and permits you to pick from multiple colours.

The item has all macro keys that enable you to use it with a number of commands. Furthermore, this includes broad compatibility and features 4-layer customized configuration. Additionally, it has an attractive RGB backlight which lets you adjust the brightness for cool light effects.


  1. It comes with a removable USB cable.
  2. It comes with an inbuilt MCU.
  3. All of the keys are programmable.


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