Best Pictek Rgb Gaming Mouse Wired 2020 You Need To Buy

As soon as you’ve bought or built your fantasy gaming PC, it is time to work out the best peripherals to create your rig come to life. There are lots of essential components to an excellent gaming setup. You will want a high-quality monitor to play all of your fancy new games on. A comfortable, ergonomic gaming seat can allow you to play for hours without suffering from poor posture and pain. And excellent mechanical keyboard can enable you to compete online in fashion. Then there are headsets, speakers, cameras and much more.

But a fantastic gaming mouse is imperative to your gaming performance and overall experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of high devices to select from at a variety of price points. The following models vary from as low as $13 for the exact budget-conscious to six times that much for the uncompromising enthusiast. (And a few of the more expensive mice on this list include onboard processors and memory, which makes them even more precise.)

Lower-price mice will frequently have lower DPI (dots per inch) and lack a few of the bells and whistles which pricier mice have, and some of them have more customization options and buttons than others. But every mouse on this list will serve you well for many modern games.

1. PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired (7200 DPI)

Piatek’s fundamental mouse is a fantastic option for gamers who wish to save a few bucks without sacrificing functionality. For only $26.99, you get a 7200 DPI mouse with adjustable DPI, adjustable polling speed and seven programmable buttons. It’s 16 million colours for its LED backlighting and comfortable, ergonomic design. This isn’t likely to compare with the best mice on the market, but it is a seriously fantastic price for what you get, and it sounds and feels like a lot more expensive choices.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Looks classy
  3. 7200 DPI sensor


  1. Overall quality could be better
  2. Fewer colour options

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2. PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired, RGB Chroma Backlit Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse by Pictek is among the most popular gaming mice, used by many players around the world. Becoming Ergonomic, many users find this mouse very comfortable, and for players, comfort is quite important. This mouse design is very nice, having breathing backlights and a 3200DPI making it ideal for the speedy reaction.


  1. RGB colours look nice, although it seems to miss red sometimes in the “wave” and “neon” modes.
  2. Comfortable
  3.  Tons of variations of colour patterns
  4.  The software allows for more customization with the buttons, which I like.


  1.  The middle wheel wiggles a bit in its place, causing this squeaky sound when I move it sometimes. Quite annoying, -1 star.
  2. Does the software come on a CD? What? We are not cavemen! I was able to grab it off the cd, and once installed, the software is reasonably easy to use.

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There are many kinds of people, who all have their own different needs when it comes to anything, even when it comes to mice. From what we have understood, different mouse’s have been made keeping in mind different need, be it for stability, speed, durability or even design, there are many, and among those, some mouse’s have been made for multi-purpose use.

Our pro-tips for choosing the best gaming mouse is to know your gaming needs and have somewhat an idea about the usual longevity of each gaming session. These tips will help you decide the perfect gaming mouse that ticks all the boxes and allows you to enjoy gaming sessions with maximum productivity. So, if you are a real gaming savvy, and you are passionate about PC gaming, then check out the listed mouse and nd the mouse which suits you.

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