Best Dog GPS Tracker No Cell Service Complete Review & Buyers Guide

Pet parent may lose their pet. That is why GPS trackers are so beneficial. They can help you pinpoint the specific location of your pooch when he runs off, so that you may locate him fast and get him home to safety. When you’re selecting a tracker, there a few things that you should search for, namely accurate monitoring, a secure match, range, and battery life. The most accurate trackers are usually the ones with a greater mobile connection and that refresh regularly. Most versions are worn as part of the collar and include an integrated chip that relies on mobile towers (and a subscription) to operate effectively; other versions may be used off the grid and with no subscription, even though they don’t provide the same selection.

To discover a collar-style tracker that will be secure on your pet, search for elastic rings, and be sure you check the collar size before buying. For attachable types, check it will fit your existing collar and have a tight, dependable grip when secured on. And because nobody wants to be recharging a tracker all of the time, search for models with a battery that could last at least two or three days or more between charges based upon your needs.

1. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker No Cell Service

It utilizes cellular service via the AT&T system to keep an eye on your dog’s place, action, and much more. The stylish, durable, fully watertight collar comes in two choices: classic and sport. The traditional collar is made from classic Italian leather, while the sports collar is made from reflective stretch fabric for active pups. This GPS tracker is fast and accurate and monitors your puppy’s location in real-time.

Additionally, it features customized activity recommendations in the American Kennel Club and monitors your puppy’s movements. It requires the installation of a program (available for download on iOS and Android) along with a monthly service fee.

Reviewers love that it monitors their puppy with superior accuracy. As a result of real-time GPS tracking, owners realize they are never an instant behind their puppy’s moves. Reviewers also like the hyperlink collar stays put. They never have to worry about the apparatus falling off since it is a part of the collar. They also enjoy the user-friendly program that keeps track of the dog’s place and lets them know if their puppy leaves their designated safe areas immediately.


  1. LED night light in the tracker.
  2. Stores maps and images of tracked activity.
  3. Intuitive app.
  4. High-quality leather collar.


  1. Pricey.
  2. Bulky.
  3. Bigger houses may require additional base stations.
  4. Ineffective temperature warnings in testing.

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2. BLACK+DECKER Smart Best Dog Collar GPS Tracker

It comes with a precise GPS monitoring system in addition to a daily activity monitor. You can see where they are, what they have been doing, and what paths they have taken that day with a straightforward app on your smartphone. This GPS tracker also lets you set up custom security zones and sends instant alerts if your dog leaves the region.

One of the collar’s most notable features is its two-way sound. With the press of a button, you can both hear anything your puppy is hearing and talk directly to your pooch.

This collar can also be water-resistant in up to three feet of water and is exceptionally durable. A customized message is also displayed for particular conditions.


  1. Water-resistant
  2. 2-way audio
  3. Activity tracker
  4. Customizable safe zones
  5. Virtual dog tag.


  1. No cons.

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3. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker With no Cell Service

The Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker is an inexpensive option that’s not just budget-friendly but also good in keeping tabs on your pooch. This lightweight GPS tracker attaches to a dog’s collar or harness to offer tracking and notifications. Similar to the other trackers in this roundup, it permits you to specify a secure zone and be alerted whenever your puppy leaves the area. There is also a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five times between charges.

This tracker requires an active subscription and communicating with cell-phone towers to operate, so if you are thinking about going off the grid with your creature, this tracker might not be a fantastic fit. This doesn’t have activity monitoring, or the Link AKC training features and many Amazon reviewers favored Whistle’s program to Tractive’s. Still, it is also the most inexpensive tracker of the bunch for the device, and monthly subscriptions are as low as $5, so it is an excellent option for people who expect to need fewer bells and whistles.


  1. The abundance of useful tracking features
  2. Works in over 150 world countries
  3. Waterproof and shockproof
  4. Unlimited communication range
  5. Fully customizable safe zones Interactive map in multiple views
  6. Free replacement during the service period
  7. Live tracking mode
  8. Attractive design 12-month guarantee.


  1. Does not track activity
  2. Not suitable for pets that weigh less than 9.9 pounds
  3. Safe Zone has a minimum range of 164 feet.

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4. MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring System Best Dog GPS Tracker

It’s somewhat expensive at $234.95 but comes highly recommended. The system free of mobile network required or monthly support contracts. It’s excellent for traveling with your pets — even in remote areas — since you do not need to rely on mobile service. The collar was created 100% watertight, despite prolonged swimming.

The compact design of the collar keeps it from harm’s way so that it doesn’t become caught on branches or damaged while playing. While looking for your furry friend, Marco Polo employs a radar system to scan the surrounding region. The collar reacts to your handheld locator after every five seconds, letting you hone in on the precise location of your pet.

Reviewers love this system works even in remote areas that don’t get cell service. They also say it is lightweight and easy for their pets to wear. Reviewers also feel that despite the initial price, the Marco Polo provides cost savings since there’s no monthly service fee, which adds up over time.


  1. Updates every five seconds while tracking to pinpoint the exact location of your pet
  2. No required cell network or monthly service fees
  3. 100% waterproof
  4. Tracks your pet via radar.


  1. No Cons.

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Tractive GPS is a fast, reliable, and precise GPS pet tracker with global protection that provides an abundance of helpful tracking features and gives instant notifications once your pet steps beyond the safe zone. Its live tracking mode lets you receive location updates every two to three seconds, switch between different map views, and also see your pet’s current rate and elevation. It permits you to customize secure zones and discuss your pet’s location with your buddies for easier tracking. Its primary flaw is that it doesn’t monitor your pet’s activity. Still, the company does provide an independent activity tracker that’s lightweight, small, and affordable, so it is easy to use both devices simultaneously and revel in their combined benefits.

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