Best Car GPS Tracker and Voice Recorder

To individuals and companies, Logistimatics provides GPS tracking devices and solutions. For vehicles, fleets, land and people, the business offers real-time GPS tracking. The GPS trackers are pure and simple to use for your resources with no contracts charge. Just purchase the trackers and cover an inexpensive monthly subscription fee.

With almost universal coverage, the Logistimatics tracker Micro 420 GPS is very acceptable for industrial vehicles, individuals and resources monitoring. Lots of the other trackers are 4G or 3G but are working on the T-Mobile network that’s not available elsewhere.

The Logistimatics mobile-200 GPS tracker is one of the latest GPS trackers ever engineered, a Logistimatics automobile tracker with such a car mic. This Logistimatics portable 200 GPS tracker with voice monitoring provides real-time GPS monitoring data for approximately 14 days, and its compact size makes it a lot easier to conceal in any car.

Best Car GPS Tracker and Voice Recorder

With the live sound of this Logistimatics tracker solution, all you can do is to text the GPS tracker, and it would provide you with a call immediately while offering one-way sound in real-time! It means you could observe every sentence spoken within the vehicle to discover if your spouse is cheating or if employees are currently on the job. 6 Best Hidden Gps Tracker For Car No Monthly Fee

The Logistimatics portable 200 GPS tracker is intended to be such a discrete vehicle tracker ideal solution for those trying to maintain a close watch on appreciated Assets. And it includes a magnetic enclosure enabling it to be mounted under a vehicle. But, the GPS Logistimatics tracker does not have to use the magnetic enclosure; it may work nearly too within a glove compartment and a motor vehicle.

It is also pretty durable. And It can endure -4F to 158F temperatures. You may also use the devices to monitor with your mobile phone or a web browser in real-time. And the system fits on your hand’s hands. The small device size makes it a lot easier to find a place to mount it.
And the built-in Logistimatics battery assists the tracker to maintain reporting even when the cable is disconnected.

When the tracker measures into or from a designated place, you’ll get immediate location data and alarms. The Logistimatics program for monitoring feasibility is straightforward and straightforward to use. And you could also monitor from any web browser with Logistimatics monitoring website.

Thus you’ll have the ability to find the tracker in map mode or satellite and also get notifications in real-time each time a tracker enters or exits a particular area. You may be given a message, email or telephone call through the program, and invite others to track data monitoring. You might also see where the tracker ceased and also get updates for all of the tracker’s positions.

The GPS.logistimatics app shows the background of this excursion, a list of notifications, and preferences for generic alternatives. You may also find new reports every five minutes or if the device goes (every 30 minutes ) at any time. Additionally, previous trips have a backlog and how often the unit was stopped.


  1. User can change tracker settings on the fly
  2. Good customer support
  3. Friendly user interface
  4. Live Audio Feature
  5. Easy to use
  6. Affordable


  1. The Car tracker is a 2G tracker
  2. At times, updates are slow and glitchy


  1. Rechargeable,
  2. very accurate
  3. good sound
  4. customer service was quick to answer questions


  1. big and bulky
  2. way easy to spot

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