Amazon Echo devices users can now share music with friends: Here’s how it will work

Amazon has added a unique music sharing feature, which will allow users to share music via the Alexa App on Echo devices. Users can share any song they come across while listening to music on an Echo device.

The command that will activate this feature is “Alexa share this song with,” followed by the contact’s name. In an instant, Alexa will share that particular track with the contact’s name as asked. The contact with will now be able to listen to the song and send a reaction as feedback as well.

Users need to enable Alexa Communications on their account in order to use this feature. They can do that by going into the Alexa App, tap on the ‘Communications tab’ and then enable it. This will allow the user to send any song to their contacts that have an Echo device and use the Alexa app.

One can also check the eligible contacts for this sharing feature by tapping on ‘new message’ in the Communications tab where they will see a list of contacts.

Users who receive the message don’t necessarily need to have a subscription to Amazon Music or set it as the default music streaming app to be able to listen to the song. The Echo device will play it on any of the streaming services available. Even if the song is not found, the voice assistant suggests a station based on the artist’s name or the song title.

The tech giant has categorised this feature as “just the beginning”. The rollout of the feature has begun already and should be available for users soon if not already visible on their Alexa app.

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