8 Best Silent Mouse for Gaming (Noiseless Click) Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you have been on the fence about upgrading to a silent gaming mouse or you can not choose one because of the number of mouses available in the marketplace or lack of knowledge — you will find our listing of high six hushed click gaming mouses very helpful.

When you work in an office with a dozen other colleagues, all of the ambient sounds of people typing, clicking, and shuffling papers can be distracting. If you frequently record video on your computer, eliminating the sounds of your computer keyboard and mouse clicks becomes much more important for the quality of your videos. A quiet mouse helps dampen the ambient sound in your workplace by reducing the clicking noises and the noise of the scrolling wheel.

OK, now you understand what’s silent mice, so then let us talk about what exactly is the very best quiet mouse we can purchase. But, we can not say this is the best one or that one is best. Because silent mouse also includes various types of’ wireless, gaming, and slender design. So we can not say precisely this is the most effective silent mouse, so we opt to record 10 Silent mice, including those categories. But the many advantages are quite clicking. This makes us free, worry about others, and keep us remain focused while working.

1. HIRALIY F300 Programmable Noiseless Mouse for Gaming

Hiraliy F300 is a quiet gaming mouse that includes everything a gamer could need for like the programmable buttons, light settings, DPI settings, its managing applications, and even innovative settings. But something, not the manufacturer has recorded and taken advantage of is the quietness of the buttons used to generate F300. Buttons are incredibly exact and easy-to-click but have an adequate firmness without producing plenty of noise when they are being clicked.

Even though programmable buttons on sides and top are somewhat different (and are slightly louder) than two most-used click buttons – their sound levels continue to be silent, based on our tests. Therefore, we believe we’ve discovered a gem every gamer on a budget would need because its cost is a whole lot slower than the total value provided by the mouse. If you enjoy the settings such as 5 DPI choices, 12 backlighting modes, 16.8 million RGB LED colors – we recommend getting two of them straight away as you it will be pretty tough to find another cheap yet quiet & superior gaming choice at this price point.


  1. 7 Programmable Buttons
  2. Ergonomic Design
  3. Value to Price Ratio
  4. Quality of the Buttons.


  1. Side Creases.

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2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Best Silent Mice for Gaming

Logitech is a well-known and trusted manufacturer by its customers widely. It includes RGD lighting that permits you to change the color of the Logitech logo and the DPI lights from the mouse. Well, it lets you set the color to one too. I liked it.

It’s a free-spinning wheel that’s specially built for gambling; it may tilt to the left or right, which can be reprogrammed quickly. If you’re a pro gamer, you have to know the significance of an optical gaming detector. This Logitech mouse is featured with an optical gaming detector that makes a much better focus on your gaming or working with real high-end sensitivity.

Enlisting the features of the beautiful mouse by Logitech, it has an excellent feature on the fly DPI. Allow me to explain it to you if you’re unfamiliar with it. On the fly DPI lets you change the rate of your mouse, and it has onscreen motions by merely clicking a simple button. That is to say; you won’t need to pause your work or match to change the speed setting of your mouse; you can correct it accordingly. One of the reasons for picking this mouse in the list. It even offers a Dual-Mode HyperFast Scroll Wheel, which lets you scroll within the blink of your eye. Letting you unleash your gaming monster to its full potential.


  1. Optical Gaming Sensor
  2. Dual-Mode Hyper-Fast Scroll Wheel
  3. On-the-Fly DPI.


  1. It’s not wireless, in case if you are in need of a wireless mouse.
  2. A little pricey, but if you are looking for a long term investment, it totally worth it.

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3. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Silent Mouse for Gaming

You may put it to 2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, or 800 depending upon your needs. Because the DPI can be set all of the ways to 2400, gamers and graphic artists will love the precision. This mouse also has some of the greatest connectivity distance of any model at around 50 feet.

It boasts up to 15 months of battery life before needing to be recharged using the power-saving mode that puts it to sleep after 8 minutes, You’ll need only one AA battery, unlike the Apple mouse where you need 2 AAs and normally run out after 20 days, in addition, the Auto Switch Off mode will switch off the mouse when it senses your computer is turned off, so you won’t have to toggle the on/off switch yourself. Its six-button design is compatible with PC devices, but the normal three buttons may be used on a Mac.

If black isn’t your idea of a fantastic color for a mouse, then fret not! The VicTsing portable silent mouse comes in 7 additional colors to black ( blue, red, gray, silver, white, purple, and wine red ) making it more appealing to all tastes.


  1. Extremely comfortable – Great support to combat hand fatigue
  2. The value for money is unbelievable!
  3. Takes just one AA battery and will last ages!
  4. Sturdy build. Really robust for a mouse that’s so cheap.


  1. Not Bluetooth.

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4. VEGCOO C8 Rechargeable Silent Gaming Mouse

This is a Silent gaming mouse, really eye-catching layout with trendy breathing shade creating an ideal setting for playing matches, This is a quiet mouse so that it’s enabling you to work or play games without bothering others around you, This mouse has seven buttons, but just the Left and Right Buttons are silent clicks, OK you now think is that silent mouse. . ? Yes, it’s still a quiet click mouse; it’s three levels of adjustable DPI (1200-1600-2400DPI).

These silent gaming mice powered by 400mAh built-in-rechargeable battery, we can guarantee a very long battery life and mouse is environmentally and user friendly. Finally, I must say that this is a very cool noiseless gaming mouse. I hope you guys like to use this, ah I forgot to tell you, please make sure that the mouse is turned on when you’re changing it, and you can also use it charging.


  1. Slim design best for traveling
  2. Not requiring much maintenance.


  1. It takes a while to leave the sleep mode.

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5. Logitech M585 Wireless Noiseless Mouse for Gaming

My very first recommendation is Logitech M585. With 90% click sound reduction, this one is undoubtedly the quietest mouse I’ve used. Not just the most important two click buttons, but the rest of the buttons are also noiseless. The scroll wheel can also be rubberized to decrease the sound. This makes Logitech M585 a perfect mouse for the silent workplace. Aside from the quiet operation, this mouse is loaded more!

The buttons are also programmable so that you can assign both thumb buttons for any actions you want to, such as shooting games or moving forth and back. However, it lacks the DPI switch, so I didn’t find it quite acceptable for gaming.

Logitech M585 is a multi-device mouse built Logitech Flow technology. That means that you can quickly work involving different computers as well as copy & paste files from one to another. Additionally, there’s Logitech’s proprietary Advanced Optical monitoring for highly accurate performance.

Being a wireless quiet mouse, you can join it with Bluetooth in addition to a 2.4G wireless link. The assortment of up to 10m is relatively okay for practical use. With all these features, this mouse drops in the premium price group. Regardless of that, Logitech M585 is undoubtedly the most excellent quiet mouse of 2020.


  1. Advanced Optical Tracking
  2. 90% Noise Reduction
  3. Wireless + Bluetooth Connection
  4. All Silent buttons
  5. Multi-device Support.


  1. Too Expensive
  2. No DPI Switch.

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6. Gigabyte Aorus M5 Best Choice for Silent Gaming Mouse

You might know Gigabyte among the biggest motherboard manufacturers, but they also create some quality gaming peripherals. Aorus is a terrific example of an excellent gaming mouse that uses a reliable 16000 DPI optical gaming detector. On the first, it may seem like a mouse by a Razer brand – but believe it or not, this layout provides far more than you can see initially.

Aside from its very distinctive layout, the Aorus gaming mouse is quite comfortable with grips put in the best spots – two on the sides and one round the wheel. RGB LED lighting is very well integrated into the mouse in a way that it seems"hidden" within the mouse that reduces distractions throughout the main gaming moments. The lights are customizable, and consumers get to choose between 16.7 million colors.


  1. Optical Sensor
  2. Unique Design
  3. Quiet Right and Left Click.


  1. Software Bugs.

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7. ROCCAT ROC-11-900-AM Nyth Quietest Gaming Mouse

This silent gaming mouse by ROCCAT comes next last in the list; the business is featuring this mouse very highly because it is their most customizable hushed gaming mouse. This excellent machine includes 12 buttons which have left, right, and other wheel clickers, it is possible also to get the buttons to be 3D published as it is one of those highly customizable gaming mice.

One of it’s biggest and it, the size of the silent gaming mouse can also be custom made. So, it doesn’t matter at all what’s the size of the hand, and it is also possible to customize it depending on your hand size. Is not it amazing? Like another silent gaming mouse we’ve discussed previously, the sensitivity of the mouse can go up to 12000 HUGE DPI.

If you don’t require a wireless mouse, then this may be the ideal option for you. It’s a bit pricey but definitely worth the cost compared to its attributes. About the quietness of this mouse, it’s super quiet when compared with other gaming mouses that can be found on the market.


  1. Modular Thumb Zone
  2. superior ergonomic and customizable grip
  3. 12000 DPI Twin-Tech Laser Sensor
  4. Mid-Finger Fin Switch.


  1. The design of it is not that sleek.
  2. Its a little pricey.

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8. LOGITECH M330 Silent Plus Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech, I know some of you guys love that brand because they have a whole lot of quality products own. This is a Logitech M330 silent mouse. It offers a quiet experience of you and the people around you. This is a wireless mouse so it has a powerful 10-meter wireless range between mouse and receiver. The added security of 128-bit encryption.

After using long hours even you feel relaxed because its shape is contoured to your right hands. Almost any surface you’ll feel smooth motions and precise cursor control due to advanced optical tracking.


  1. Eliminates 90% of the noise
  2. Comfortable, hand-sculpted shape
  3. Sturdy design.


  1. The only documentation for how buttons work is online
  2. Does not have a DPI button.

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Well, all of the silent gaming mice we’ve discussed in our listing are handpicked and the best choices available there on the industry. You can pick whichever fits best for your budget and requirements. Do not forget to tell us in the remarks which silent gaming mouse you are searching for.

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