8 Best Gaming Mouse for Overwatch Review & Buyers Guide (2020)

If you like to play games then you have to require the very best gaming mouse for overwatch. Playing the game is enjoyable and fire. The top gamers want them every tool ideal. The mouse is the most important thing when playing any game. We know how mad individuals are for games so we’ve written a few posts for players.

The multiplayer fps shooter game from Blizzard is still a popular sport, despite having its ups and downs from its launch in 2016. 1 thing which makes Overwatch so fun and unique are that each player chooses a hero with various abilities, in contrast to such as CS: GO where everyone is equal in terms of features.

We researched the very best mice on the hunt for the finest Overwatch mouse and narrowed it down it our top 8 mice for Overwatch. Whether you are planning to get into the Grandmaster branch or just playing for fun, we carefully reviewed each mouse to determine what makes them great for your class-based shooter. Here is our listing of what we think about the 8 best Mouse for Overwatch.

1. Logitech G403 Best Mouse for Overwatch

The G403 is most likely the best budget all-rounded mouse on the industry right now. It’s essentially the same as the G703 so bear that in mind. The optic is the PMW3360 that is among the best optics available. It solves the issue with tilt-slamming, something that plagued the earlier 3310.

Its flexibility is also the reason it’s found at the peak of the list. The G403 is ideal for a selection of hand sizes and suits itself to both claw and palm grip. Fingertip users may also use it may find it somewhat larger or heavy. As explained you can find the G403 in wired or wireless variations. If weight is a problem then you need to think about the wired version since the wireless comes in at 106g whereas the wired sits at 90g.

Both versions may use the optional 10g weight that may be added to the base of the mouse. There are 6 buttons on the mouse, these comprise the typical mouse, mouse two, clickable scroll DPI, and side buttons. I was able to fix this problem by taping the buttons to alter the texture. The lift-off space is standard at approximately 1.5mm so you’ll have no difficulties with swiping. The cable is very thick and is 2 meters in length.


  1. Easy to use software
  2. Adjustable weight
  3. High-quality grips
  4. Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
  5. 3360 Sensor
  6. Very Comfortable.


  1. Thick braided cable
  2. Side button noise with sweaty hands.

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2. Razer DeathAdder v2 best Gaming Mouse for Overwatch 2020

Above all else, you will love its top-notch ergonomics: the shape is acceptable for any hand size, the textured rubber grips on the side effects in much more precise aiming, and the 5G optical detector does its job well in providing good speeds without the worries of input. The 7 customizable buttons are also convenient; allowing you to do rapid actions that make melee combat and call-outs feel more suitable.

But while the mechanical switches extend around 50 million clicks, there’s an odd problem with the left mouse button randomly double-clicks if you left-click once particularly after months of use. This has been a known problem with the DeathAdder for quite some time but Razer guarantees to repair it soon.

So, why do we select this as the ideal mouse for Overwatch? Simple: it’s a great all-around gaming mouse for a moderate price.


  1. Chroma lighting with 16,800,000 colors
  2.  16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor
  3. Ergonomic textured rubber grips.


  1. LMB tends to double-click randomly
  2. Mouse wheel squeaks after months
  3. Slightly too sensitive thumb buttons.

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3. REDRAGON M601 Mouse for Overwatch

REDRAGON is recognized for its budget gaming peripherals REDRAGON Company is working in the USA since 1996. Initially, they began by making products for other businesses and they succeeded to earn fame in the REDRAGON M601 Gaming Mouse wired with red led the digital market by providing high-quality products. Sometime after the company decided to create their own products rather than making products for third parties. Hence the REDRAGON stepped to the gaming peripherals.

This is a wonderful mouse which delivers very good performance at a reasonable price. Additionally, it has an 8-piece weight trimming collection and LED color choices.


  1. 6 Optimized buttons, 2 of them are programmable.
  2. 8 pieces of adjustable weight.
  3. Up to 2000 DPI sensitivity which is good for a gaming mouse
  4. Pretty red backlighting.
  5. Durable wire cord.


  1. DPI is comparatively low when compared to other high-end gaming mice.

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4. Razer DeathAdder Elite Best Choice for Overwatch

The Razer Overwatch DeathAdder Elite features everything you will need for a perfect gaming experience for under $60. After all, the sport is from the name. No, we did not just put this mouse on our list as it’s”Overwatch” in its title, we picked it due to all the features it offers, despite its price point. This mouse was produced to commemorate Overwatch’s anniversary, and Razer did not simply add a new mouse. Additional features are added to the Overwatch edition of the DeathAdder the original version does not have.

Much like the Logitech G502, Razer added a useful, on-the-fly DPI button which lets you decrease the sensitivity — ideal for lining up headshots when using weapons such as the Widow’s Kiss. Once more, comparing this mouse into the G502, both of them have a detector that could go up to 16,000 DPI, yet it is better to stay with a DPI of about 800 for precision.

To enhance your accuracy even further, the mechanical mouse switches which are designed to last up to 50 million clicks will enhance your performance in-game, whether you are playing a tank, harm, or support. The ergonomic design of the Razer includes rubber side grips, and a gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel so you’ll never miss a shot.


  1. True 16,000
  2. 1000 Hz
  3. 7 programmable Hyperesponse.


Too Costly.

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5. Logitech G502 HERO Best Performance Mouse for Overwatch

Logitech has been making impressive gaming goods and has been in this area for quite a long time now. The Logitech G502 gaming mouse includes a brand new and highly accurate Hero sensor. This is a remarkable sensor that’s quite accurate and provides 1600 DPI and 400+ IPS. It’ll have the ability to monitor your moves just fine even in extreme circumstances.

The accuracy of the sensor is just one reason why the mouse has some additional weight. The weight of this G502 Hero is 121g. This might look like a bit too much for some people but you’ll require the stopping power when dealing with the Hero sensor. The mouse has a very aggressive design and features a few additional features.


  1. 11 programmable buttons
  2. Weight adjustment modules
  3. Impressive Hero sensor
  4. 16000 DPI.


  1. Button resistance is high.

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6. BENQ ZOWIE FK1 Best Budget Mouse for Overwatch

The specs of this Zowie FK1 were based on pro players’ mouse configurations like Miro, Taimou, and ShadowBurn throughout the Overwatch World Cup in 2016.

The Zowie FK1 is a somewhat discrete gaming mouse that is all about substance over style. From an initial perspective, it appears plain; it doesn’t have RGB colors or several fancy customizable buttons, and no drivers. However, what it lacks in design constitutes functionality. The Zowie series was deliberately made for FPS games and the FK1 was based on professional player preferences from Overwatch and CSGO.

The 3100 DPI optical sensor ensures minimal input lag for superior responsiveness in the game. However, the mouse wheel feels somewhat rugged — making it a nuisance for gamers who prefer smooth scrolling. While we do enjoy its strategy to welcome both right-handed and left gamers, you will need some getting used to with the side buttons.


  1. Ambidextrous design for all players
  2. Quite affordable for its specs
  3. Up to 3100 DPI.


  1. High click latency
  2. Wheel scrolling feels rough
  3. Frequent accidental side button clicking.

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7. UTECHSMART Venus Cheap Laser Gaming Mouse

This mouse includes a DPI up to 16400. This sum of DPI is too much and UTECHSMART Venus Laser Gaming Mouse it’s not feasible to use, I guess nobody can use such high DPI. On the side of the mouse, there are twelve numbers of buttons that are angled in various directions.

From the picture on the movie, you may think that will these buttons will be comfortable to use? Yes, they are comfy and easy to use. They’re well designed at acceptable angles for easy use by a hand. You may approach each and every button. The primary top buttons are also very fast responsive they’re simple to use and they want only a small press to click. While playing games this mouse won’t stick at any stage. It will provide you with a smooth experience of playing your favorite game.


  1. Adjustable weight is a great feature that not every gaming mouse has
  2. Great looks with an epic shattered design.
  3. Durable wire cord.
  4. Teflon feet are definitely a plus
  5. A level DPI switch is a great option for multi-type gaming.
  6. Price & all the features it offers for it is affordable.
  7. Plug and play. No software needed in order to use this mouse.
  8. Tactile response of buttons are great
  9. 18 buttons that you can program as freaky as you want.


  1. On-the-go profiles isn’t a feature that it supports.
  2. Your illumination choices are limited to certain colors.

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8. Logitech G602 Best Customize Mouse for Overwatch Game

Among the best wireless mouses for gambling and the only non-wired choice to feature on our”best mouse for Overwatch” list is the Logitech G602, and it is here for a reason. The well thought out design of this G602 features three distinct textures over its body which slowly increase from front to back, here is how. The left and right buttons are finished with a textured plastic, whereas the part behind that comes with a rubbery surface.

At the back, almost framing the mouse where your thumb and pinky will sit there’s a more rubberized sense where gripping the mouse is the most important, perfect for combating in Overwatch. If you game for long hours each and every day, then the 250 constant hours of gambling on two AA batteries, might be insufficient for you. But, Logitech is smart enough to understand that customers want more battery life from a wireless mouse, and that’s the reason why they’ve included an endurance mode.

When pressed, Logitech claims you will receive 1,400 hours of overall battery life which will surely last a while. Just in front of the endurance button is a battery life indicator that shines blue when the mouse is fully charged, so you will always know when to go and purchase new batteries once the mouse is running low. Regardless of the fact that in an FPS like Overwatch, you won’t have to use all of 11 buttons, it is great to have the option there in case you feel like remapping keybinds to your mouse.


  1. 2.4 GHz wireless
  2. Up to 250 hours of battery life
  3. Battery indicator light
  4. Endurance mode for extended battery life.


  1. Poor battery life.

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Finally, it all comes down to taste but if you would like an all-purpose mouse which makes playing Overwatch simpler yet more aggressive, the Razer DeathAdder Elite is your ideal option. It has good weight, a very ergonomic touch, soft clicking noises, and effortless configuration software.

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