7 Best Lightest Mouse in The World You Should Buy in 2020 (Full Review)

However, sacrificing performance only to eliminate some weight isn’t the perfect approach. It should have a fantastic sensor, it should be comfortable to grip and use, and it should have the ability to withstand daily use. Consequently, in this guide, we have analyzed the top 10 lightest gaming mice that fit that criterion.

So, what are the benefits of a lightweight mouse? One of the principal reasons is accuracy. Many FPS players prefer their mouse with reduced sensitivity, and this leads to them raising the mouse often. A lightweight mouse is ideal for simple lifting when planning or making rapid adjustments.

However, the list presented here won’t be in the sequence of burden; instead, the gaming mice are listed in order of the availability and demand on the industry. There are two mice recorded here, which may be tricky to purchase right now. If you desire more information about any mice merchandise, you may go to the Amazon site to look deeper into the features and specifications.


1. Cooler Master MM710 Light Mice

The honeycomb design intends to lower the weight by filling the mouse. The Cooler Master MM710 followed this trend, which makes it among the most lightweight mice in the industry today. It’s affordable and simplistic ideal for those searching for their first mouse. This mouse just sports six buttons; there’s also limited customization options available that veteran players might find lacking. But then again, if you’re a newcomer PC gamer, this will not bother you as much.

Consequently, if this disturbs you, you may want to appear somewhere else, But other than that, the gaming performance of the mouse is unquestionable. Powered by PixArt PMW 3389, detector gambling is a breeze. It’s smooth and responsive, with no stutters or lags.


  1. Dirt-resistant coating
  2. Good build quality
  3. Lightweight honeycomb design


  1. Not an ambidextrous mouse
  2. Small build.

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2. LOGITECH G PRO Wireless Lightest Gaming Mouse

This series is composed of all the fantastic superior mice products they market about being used due to their high gameplay levels. Logitech’s movie feels proud of spending a minimum of two years in getting along with reviewing the input from more than 50 gaming professionals. Because of this, they’ve been able to create the very lightest, great buttons, precise form, and dpi settings mice. Amazon is now selling this mouse among other mice also.

This wireless mouse of Logitech is only 80 grams in weight (very light), making it much more striking if it regards its high-quality sensor. Other options are available such as adding on weight if you find 80 g is far too mild for use. Among those others, this wireless mouse is the lightest we will be reviewing.

The technical features of the Logitech mouse are that it has two side switches on each side (left and right ), eight programmable buttons using 16000 DPI level. It’s composed of an optical detector and finish RGB lighting. When the mouse if billed entirely, with the lights, it might work for approximately 49 hours with no views for 63 hours straight. The eight programmable buttons are available with full RGB lighting in the mouse. By using Logitech’s applications, you might even customize your keybind and lighting choices.


  1. Fantastic sensor performance
  2. Versatile ambidextrous design
  3. Supremely comfortable
  4. Wired-rivaling wireless performance


  1. Too small for some
  2. Dull styling
  3. Expensive.

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3. Razer Viper Ultralight Best Mouse in the World

The newly published Viper Ultralight is a mouse that tips the scales at only 69 grams. What is even more impressive is that Razer realized such a mild mouse with no holes, which is a massive plus. Within the ambidextrous casing is Razer’s 16K DPI optical sensor that’s been tried and tested in several other Razer mice and performs flawlessly. The buttons have light beam based actuation, so they are pretty much optical switches that enroll button clicks faster than conventional mechanical switches.

Just like most new Razer goods, you’ll discover customizable Chroma RGB lighting, so that you can set up things just how you like them. There are a couple of presets included too. The cord is a drag-free cord that allegedly does not drag and reduces quite a lot of weight. The Viper is one of if not the most beautiful lightweight gaming mouse options available on the market today.


  1. 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  2. 8 Programmable Buttons
  3. Chroma RGB Lighting


  1. Too Small for Some Peoples
  2. Expensive.

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4. BenQ Zowie FK2 LightWeight Mouse for Professionals

Zowie is among the gaming brands, which is well known for its functionality and fashion. It’s one of those high-grade mice out there with no fancy lights or whatnots. But this mouse is straightforward and minimalistic, but it will not let you down. This mouse is ideal for players who need a functional mouse but can not be bothered with a light show and tons of buttons that are programmable.

The mouse is powered with a 3310 optical detector, with five different levels of DPI. The buttons are also tactile and super responsive and provide satisfying feedback. If you need to change your DPI setting, simply use the button in the bottom area of the mouse. Since there’s no software required, this mouse is ideal for esports tournaments in which the equipment which you can bring is restricted.


  1. The cord is flexible and soft
  2.  Crisp and tactile switches
  3. No-fuss set-up, 100% plug, and play
  4. Great shape and ergonomics


  1. The sensor is a bit outdated
  2. The scroll wheel is noisy.

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5. GLORIOUS MODEL O Lightest Mouse for All Works

The industry was taken by storm since this Glorious Model O gaming mouse was released. The weight of the mouse is 67g. That’s rather light, which can be purchased at very less cost. Mice, which are light in weight, have the ideal shape, and dpi amounts are highly desired by professional players, and Glorious has been proven to be one of the best for gaming. This mouse can be seen on the Model O website; however, very soon, Amazon is also selling it via them.

The hi-tech features we are going focus on are the DPI settings (12000), both sides which work perfectly fine, the optical sensor that provides this mouse an edge. Aside from that, there is RGB lighting available, and this mouse features three identifying measurements (128 mm, 59 mm, and 37.5 mm).

The design of the mouse could have taken inspiration from some Finalmouse mice layouts. On the left-hand side of the mouse, you will find two side switches. They’re there because virtually every FPS mice possess this standardized specification of unwanted buttons. The first buttons for clicking will be reached by using Omron switches, which can work for as many as 20 million clicks.

By bearing in mind the esports and players, the plan of the Pixart 3360 detector has been made. This sensor is merely entirely constructed to get a more significant amount of gambling. By using the software of Glorious, you can fix the maximum DPI, which is 12000.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Available in both matte and glossy finishes
  3. Flawless optical sensor
  4. Great value for money
  5. Super flexible cable
  6. Extremely lightweight design


  1. Honeycomb design may lead to dust buildup inside
  2. Some lighting transitions could be smoother
  3. No independent lighting zones.

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6. Logitech G300s LightWeight Mice for Gaming

The Logitech G300s is an attractive alternative for gamers that are searching for a lightweight mouse that will not break the bank. After all, you do not need to splurge to have an excellent gaming mouse. This mouse is capable of a fancy light show, but only on the RGB strips rather than on the Logitech logo on the back. You can tweak it with particular applications. It’s user friendly so you won’t have any issues with it.

The cable might cause some annoyance because of its stiffness, but raising your CPI might help you overlook this matter. Should you have a large hand and utilizes hands grip, there is a slim likelihood of accidentally pressing on the top buttons, especially when playing rapid games.


  1. No-fuss software
  2. Perfect for FPS and other fast-paced games
  3. Has three onboard gaming profile
  4. Premium build quality considering the price tag
  5. Budget-friendly mouse


  1. The cord is stiff
  2. Not that great for claw grippers
  3. Small frame.

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Locating the comfiest Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse for yourself might be quite the undertaking. You want to discover the grasp of the mouse and how well it fits into your own hands. The CORSAIR Harpoon is a beautiful choice for players with small hands. What is more, it is fantastic for those that want to get a lightweight mouse (83 g ). This gaming mouse is quite affordable and offers all the features available in any high-end apparatus.

This gaming mouse was made distinctively. It is one of a kind mouse as opposed to something extremely common. The Dpi ranges from almost 250 to as large as 6000. This massive range is excellent as distinct games may take a distinct Dpi. The higher the Dpi, the more precise and accurate control you have over the cursor. This is terrific for games that require rapid action.

With the aid of the software, you can even place and fix the crucial orbits for the buttons that are observed on the mouse and even on both sides. Also, this mouse has optical sensors, which also end up being a superb feature during gambling.

The light effects can be shifted to single set color or rainbow colors if you prefer this. Moreover, you may even make each Dpi setting have different lighting. You may discover this gambling mouse at an affordable rate on Amazon.


  1. Comfortable grip
  2. Great value for money
  3. Lightweight
  4. Excellent performance
  5. Grips well
  6. Long battery life
  7. Reasonable price


  1. Non-braided cable
  2. Tracking not up there with the best
  3. Unnecessary lighting
  4. Small size won’t please everyone.

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Each provides value in their distinctive manner, and all of which are considered influence gaming mice. While we would advise staying away from paying more for the hype (looking in the closing mouse) if you’re in the market for a light mouse all of them should have your focus. Please consider that having the size mouse will impact your overall performance and appreciation far more than getting the absolute lightest gaming mouse.

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