5 Best Mouse for Music Production You Need to Buy (Reviewed 2020)

In case you’ve been using a conventional mouse through your mixing sessions, you know how frustrating the apparatus can be. The Mouse has minimal choices in audio creation, whether you’re using Abelton, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, or other mixing applications.

In our rundown, we will have a look at which one of these mice will be appropriate for you. You will get introduced to a number of the very useful mice, trackballs, and trackpads you need to consider for your studio! Purchasing the ideal Mouse is significant even if you mostly use a notebook with an integrated touchpad, or a PC with a stylus, as many applications, especially creative ones, are much easier to use if you’ve got a mouse.

A conventional mouse can also cause several health problems, such as RSI (repetitive stress injury). In brief, when you spend hours daily or week since you edit your audio files, the hand can get strained and eventually become painful because of the unnatural hand gestures you’ll be making. The pain can make production or mix a whole lot tougher.


This is one of those top-rated music production mice. The Mouse includes TrackballWorks software which you can use to assign its four buttons to several variants, scrolling, and other shortcut functions. The Kensington Trackball mouse lets you do all kinds of workflow tasks such as markers navigation, transportation selection, one-click window choice, copy/paste, and much more.

Naturally, working in the studio is more than simply cranking out as much product’ as you can. It’s just as important to enjoy the process and to derive a sense of satisfaction from the act of production. The Expert Mouse Wired Trackball has you covered in that respect also, by allowing you to do everything you will need to do without getting in your way.

Even though it’s a bit on the pricier end, the Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse is one of the most sought-after alternatives. It comes with many different features that entice users to no end. Let us see what these attributes are. You may use the Trackball Works applications to personalize all of the buttons on the Mouse so that it’s the ideal extension of your arm.


  1. Four full-size buttons, customizable to your needs.
  2. The large ball is comfy to use and provides enhanced precision over a small one.
  3. Cushy palm rest attaches to the unit.
  4. Dedicated scroll wheel included.
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  1. As of our last test, the included scroll wheel was less than smooth in its action.
  2. Palm rest attachment consists of plastic pegs, which can break off.

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2. Logitech MX Vertical Prime Mouse for Music Production

The foundation is a comfortable oval shape, but a curved handle rises from that foundation to create a form which, from the top, you could describe as a seashell. At 4.94 by three by 3.34 inches (HWD), it is taller than it is broad. Over the thumb rest, there is a thin two-part side macro button. Above that, on the peak of the handle, there is a third customizable button that you reach with your thumb.

The MX Vertical mouse’s shape minimizes the strain of holding a mouse in your wrist, hand, and arm. To grip a standard mouse, you must twist your arm to bring it into parallel to the surface where it is resting, you change your wrist from left to right for rapid moves, and you grip the Mouse with your thumb and pinky to keep control. The grip of a vertical mouse that Logitech compares to a handshake, the grip slips between your thumb and fingers so that you don’t have to twist your arm. When stabilizing right and left, your wrist flexes into a more natural manner, and your thumb does not need to grip anything since the handle fills the space and “holds” your hands.


  1. Fast recharging
  2. 4-month battery life
  3. Ergonomic design.


  1. Expensive
  2. Old Design.

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3. LOGITECH MX MASTER Wireless Mouse for Music Lover

The Mouse has the primary scroll wheel which adjusts to the speed at which you might be scrolling through your windows or libraries. The MX Master is a mouse for music production, with a funky-looking mix of smooth and lightly textured surfaces, and curved, swooping edges. It looks like a traditional mouse mounted on an excess piece of plastic that juts out from the left side of the foundation.

There’s also a thumbwheel that serves as a horizontal scroll wheel in its default setting. The scroll wheel, in addition to some other wheels, can be customized via the Logitech Options software. The Logitech Master wireless Gaming Mouse is inbuilt with monitoring technology that enables it to track motions, even on glassy or glossy surfaces.


  1. Striking, ergonomic design
  2. Excellent performance
  3. Smart ‘Easy-Switch’ function
  4. Speed-adaptive scroll wheel.


  1. Expensive
  2. Bluetooth sometimes cuts out.

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4. Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse for Music Production

The Anker Vertical Music Mouse is fairly tall, especially when compared with any conventional mouse. Measuring 3.98L x 3.23W x 3.15H inches, the hallmark of this Mouse is the vertical layout that will have you carrying it by assuming a handshake position. With the hand almost perpendicular to the desk surface, there’s a little twisting of the wrist as you grip the Mouse.

A USB receiver which may be stored under the Mouse when not in using pairs along with your PC or Mac to make a 2.4G wireless link that gives me an effective range of about 3 feet. Not bad, and more than sufficient unless you are seeking to control your smart TV or something with the Mouse.


  1. An optical sensor that works on glass surfaces as well.
  2. Effective vertical design that does minimize twisting of your wrist to operate
  3. Premium feel and build for a mouse that costs less than $20.


  1. Mouse surface a little too slippery.

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5. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse for Music Production

The trackball layout takes some getting used to, but in case you can get used to the exceptional input, this Music Production Mouse will reward you with long-term relaxation. In contrast to any other mouse, it seems like it was created for an alien. The interesting aesthetic is not an accident, though.

To navigate, you just place your hand on the Mouse and your thumb on the oversize blue trackball. This design not only alleviates pressure that is otherwise placed on the exterior of your hands but also, it reduces overall movement by using just your thumb as the controller.


  1. Won’t damage desk
  2. Long battery life
  3. Incredibly comfortable.


  1. It takes some time to use this Mouse
  2. Quite large.

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