10 Best Laptops for Revit You can Buy in 2020 (AutoCAD)

Finding a good laptop nowadays isn’t a tough job but searching for the most desired one for your needs a lot of your energies in comprehensive research while shortlisting the best model for you. If you are a Revit user acquiring all the essential skills of 3D modelling, the purpose can’t be fulfilled with your standard average specs. Laptop.

Technology has penetrated almost all of the fields, and if we talk about the construction industry; it’s dependent on the top-notch hardware and software. When we talk about software, the Autodesk Revit is the first name that comes to our minds because it is beneficial for structural engineers, architects, and designers in the building industry. AutoCAD is also a favourite program which serves the same function. People working on such applications are fully aware that these applications require advanced systems with high-end specifications so that features can be carried out concurrently.

AutoCAD vs Revit Overview

The two Revit and AutoCAD are Autodesk flagship products. However, AutoCAD is predominantly used as a drafting tool to make geometric lines that represent the real world. Revit is primarily called a BIM software providing comprehensive solutions for the entire building project team. While AutoCAD does an excellent job in creating a geometry that represents reality, Revit creates modes which contain real-life info.

The new Autodesk Revit 2019 software offers new and enhanced features which can now support multi-discipline teams via a project’s lifecycle. Revit is 4D BIM capable, which means that you can plan and track phases in the building’s lifecycle, from concept to construction then maintenance and demolition.

1. MSI WE72 Best For Revit & AutoCAD

The laptop sports a 17.3-inch Complete HD IPS display. What’s more, the RAM in this laptop is upgradable to 64GB. The laptop includes a unique cooler booster four technology, which dedicates heat pipes to the CPU and the GPU, making cooling processes quicker and better.

It also includes a whopping 32GB RAM. The graphics are cared for by the NVIDIA Quadro M2200. For storage, the MSI laptop also has 512GB SSD.

Branding aside, MSI has maintained the design and aesthetics closer to the bold and unique aesthetics seen in other MSI laptops.

In our tests, we found the MSI WE72 runs Revit quite smoothly. The available RAM is more than the minimum necessary for running the applications, and the graphics card supports DirectX 11, making the experience ideal for 3D modelling program.


  1. Big Full HD display
  2. Great Graphics
  3. Powerful Processor


  1. Bulky
  2. Short battery life

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2. Dell XPS 15″ InfinityEdge 4k Laptop for Revit

Another laptop that you should consider is your 15-inch version of the Dell XPS. One thing that this laptop has that many others do not is a great look. The laptop looks and feels premium, something which a lot of people value. Although not inexpensive, this laptop comes in lower, something which is also reflected in the components that it provides. We discussed how having a good CPU is very important when performing resource-intensive work. This laptop also comes with the Intel Core i7-9750H. This is the CPU that you ought to be looking for in any of your options, but if you are on a tight budget, then you could afford to drop a little as long as you’re okay with the performance drop.

As stated, the GPU is significant, and the MSI comes with a few of the best ones out there. The Dell XPS includes the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 which is still quite good, but not as good as what the MSI offers. You can see a comparison between the two GPUs here. In my opinion, the GPU is significant, and you should try to get the best one that fits in your budget.

Another place where the Dell and the MSI differs is your RAM, but it is not as bad as it may seem. They are both the same DDR4 2666 MHz kind, so you could quite easily upgrade the RAM from the Dell to acquire similar specs. This means that as far as the most critical specs go, the main difference between the two computers is the GPU. The laptops both have a host of additional characteristics which may sway you one way or another, and you need to check out the Dell XPS Amazon page for more product details that might be personally important to you.


  1. 1080p and 4K display options
  2. Good value despite the high pricing
  3. Doubles as a capable gaming PC
  4. Up to 32GB RAM


  1. Can get pricey with Core i9 and 2TB SSD

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3. Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 Best for AutoCAD 3D Modeling

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 is designed for heavy users based on the Autodesk system demands. The laptop looks like a gambling one if we speak about the design. It’s a heavy built and isn’t very portable. It is equipped with a high-end processor and an advanced GPU for fast access to programs.

The system takes only 10 to 11 minutes to start up, and running apps like Revit is not a huge deal. The laptop stays quiet and cool even if you’re performing heavy-duty tasks. The trackpad isn’t that great to use, but the keyboard is excellent. The backlit feature is available too with two degrees of brightness. The battery life is good, and you can expect around 1.5 to 2.5 hours of hardcore tasks using Revit.


  1. It features a powerful processor.
  2. The screen is large and crisp.
  3. Perfect for heavy-duty tasks.
  4. It has a beautiful and solid build.
  5. The JBL speakers are loud and clear.


  1. It is not very portable due to weight.
  2. The HDD is slow.

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4. Razor Blade 15 Premium Laptop for Revit

And number four on my list is yet again this unique and almost perfect laptop. This laptop was made with the perfect balance of power and portability. It’s ultra-small and very powerful. It features the most recent processor and can deliver an amazing performance. Its display also offers an immersive and insanely fast and clear visual experience for gambling, among other things.

It is packed with power as the most recent 9th generation processor drives it, need I say more to convince you to get this product?

It’s very fast and concentrated with a full HD 1920 x1080 display. It’s able to demonstrate activity on the screen in an incredibly smooth and transparent manner, it portrays images as intended by the manufacturer.

Finally, it’s compact and thin and has been crafted with aluminium that adds to its ability to remain durable. And you can connect easily as it’s enough USB ports, and your work won’t be impeded in any way, and you can do many things at once with no victim.

It’s a touch ID pub; the storage area is 128GB or 256 GB SSD. Battery life is up to 12 hours wireless web; it has stereo speakers with sharp loud and great sound. It’s a chip of approximately 1.6GHz dual-core Intel core with a 4MB l3 cache and a turbo boost up to 3.6GHz. It has graphics and video service systems (intel UHD graphics 617.


  1. It has an upgradeable SSD, RAM and even WLAN
  2. It has a high refresh display
  3. Sleek design
  4. It has an enthusiast-level GPU performance
  5. It is a fast game performance
  6. Fully portable
  7. It has an RGB chroma backlighting


  1. It does not have a fingerprint reader, SD reader, and even an RJ-45
  2. It runs hot when continuously used for a long time
  3. Its razer synapse still requires an internet connection for it to be 0used
  4. It is expensive

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5. Acer Aspire E 15 Best Laptop For Revit 2020

Fitted with 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U, GeForce MX150, 8GB RAM Memory, 256GB SSD, the 15.6″ Acer Aspire has all the recommended system requirements for Revit. Take advantage of Revit’s newest multi-thread performance as the processor clocks at 3.4GHz and has four cores.

Acer Aspire E15 features a full HD IPS widescreen display with a matte finish and a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The matte finish is particularly useful if you are in your personal computer for long hours while the IPS technology provides better viewing angles and more precise colours.

Even though the laptop is entirely made from plastic, it is beautifully designed for a smooth and clean appearance, Acer E 15 has a convenient compartment door which makes it quite easier to upgrade your memory and hard disk. The only disadvantage is that when dealing with huge models, the laptops begin to feel sluggish. But if you’re just starting on a tight budget that the Aspire E15 is perfect for you.


  1. Nvidia graphics card.
  2. Comfortable keyboard.
  3. Excellent value.
  4. Bright 15-inch full HD display.
  5. DVD burner.
  6. Very long battery life.


  1. Heavy on the bloatware.
  2. Flimsy touchpad.
  3. Lags in fingerprint reader.

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6. Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop for AutoCAD & Revit

If you like to play games on your laptop with your work but don’t want gaming to seem, then this Dell G3579-7989BLK-PUS laptop is the best deal for you. And as all of us know Dell is one of the most trusted laptop manufacturers who build powerful and durable laptops in different categories.

Also, the display of this laptop is anti-glare, so it will never distract you from glare as you are working outside.

Discussing the performance, it’s 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H processor with up to 4.5GHz of turbo boost. 16GB of DDR4 RAM this laptop has which is good enough to handle heavy software and multitasking with ease. Thanks for providing combo storage of 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, which will be good enough room to store all your endeavours and other information.

When it comes to graphics of this device, it comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics memory, and it allows you to play some games at higher settings. With this laptop, you’ll get a backlit keyboard with a numeric keypad, which is good it will enable you to work even in a dark place.

Overall, this Dell laptop is the most appropriate for Revit and AutoCAD; also, it is going to handle all of the tasks without difficulty.


  1. Good graphics performance
  2. Long battery life
  3. Stylish, premium design
  4. Vivid display


  1. Thick and heavy Chassis
  2. Slow SSD

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7. Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5″ Prime Laptop for Revit

Above we discussed a workstation which can handle multitasking smoothly. Still, if you’re looking for a professional-looking laptop that can run Revit, then this Surface Book from Microsoft is the one you need! But WHY?

Surface Book 2 comes up as one of the best options for laptops running Revit. The whole series is well known for being sleek and highly portable, and the Surface Book doesn’t disappoint.

The Surface Book 2 sports an eighth-generation i7 processor. The RAM is set at 16 GB. The graphics are taken care of by the NVIDIA GTX. For storage, the Surface 2 provides 1 TB SSD. The Surface Book two is available with a 13.5 screen in addition to a 15-inch display. The graphics cards differ also. The 13.5 one offers 1050 GTX, and the 15-inch screen Surface Novel 2 offers 1060 GTX.

Surface Book 2 also stands out due to its aluminium body and the fact that the display is removable, raising its portability to a whole new level.

Surface Book 2 also wins brownie points for being nothing like a workstation or a gaming laptop in regards to design and looks. Instead, it seems like a highest-end tablet, something that works for Revit users who wouldn’t need an all-gamer-tag like laptop out during their client presentations.


  1. Very long battery life.
  2. Premium alloy construction.
  3. Xbox wireless controller receiver is integrated.
  4. Elegant convertible design.
  5. Discrete Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics.
  6. Sharp, high-resolution touch display in a new larger size.
  7. Multiple configuration options.


  1. Adding SSD storage is pricey.
  2. Surface Pen is an additional purchase.
  3. 16GB RAM maximum.
  4. Some finicky issues required troubleshooting in our tests.

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8. HP Pavilion Power GTX 1050 Laptop for AutoCAD

If you are just beginning in the vast field of Revit or AutoCAD and require a system to run all your designing applications easily, this is pretty much the best alternative for all the moderate users. With a highly affordable price tag, it can promise you a system capable of multitasking.

The gorgeous IPS 1080p display of 15.6-inches offers a variety of accurate colours and pixel clarity. The touch screen model is one of a type and offers you three display options such as 4K display, touch screen or non-touch screen functionality.

With that said, Pavilion is a low-budget laptop that can afford ultra-performance because of the 7th generation intel core i7-7700HQ with a decent 8GB of RAM, 128 GB of SSD together with an additional 1 TB of HDD to prevent lagging while heavy emitting.

This also packs an additional 2GB for GTX 1050 Graphic card so what else do you need in a laptop within the limits of your pocket. The up to task graphics not only outperforms your Revit apps but also excites you with your extracurricular interests like luxury gaming in the background of your other applications.

The backlit keyboard spreads an aura when you start the lid up. The overall Chassis might seem old-fashioned with a plastic-covered body but helps restrain its increasing temperature during heavy loaded work.

The light-weight 4 pounds of the body is a big bonus to its design and makes it an easily portable laptop to carry around to your work trips. Along with several other endless benefits, HP Pavilion has a great battery life that can extend up to 10 hrs. of continuous usage.

This may not be the most powerful laptop on the list but offers a pretty decent configuration and super affordability which serves a Revit user well.


  1. Power and speed
  2. Huge SSD storage
  3. Affordability
  4. Good battery life


  1. TN panel must be replaced with IPS display

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9. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 Expensive and Premium For Revit

Another Fantastic laptop for Revit is the ASUS ROG Zephyrus. There are two main reasons for getting this laptop over the MSI. The first is the cost as with the rest of the choices; the second is the screen size. This is the only 17-inch option on this listing. Seventeen inches can be quite large, but when you are working with modelling software, the screen can be significant. In most cases, I think 15 inches is the best compromise between productivity and flexibility, but if you’re looking for a larger laptop, then this might be the choice for you.

As with the CPU, this laptop also includes the Intel i7-9750H.

One place that the MSI GS65 Stealth-430 remains better is in the GPU department. This laptop has the RTX 2070 variant that is the second-best GPU on this listing. The gap between the 2070 and 2080 versions are not as large as the other options on this list, but the RTX 2080 is still better. You can see a comparison between the two here.

As with all the options beyond the MSI GS65 Stealth-430, this laptop has less RAM. It has 16 GB that discussed before isn’t so bad. You can upgrade this later if you believe you need more. Bear in mind that the Revit demands call for 32 GB for the performance plan.

You should check out the other aspects of this laptop on Amazon to see if this is the right computer for you. If the MSI doesn’t fit in your budget, then this laptop is one of the better choices.


  1. Easy to carry
  2. Brilliant performance
  3. Thin and sleek design.
  4. Fantastic 17-inch screen
  5. Plenty of storage and ports.
  6. Gaming powerhouse with its RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics card.
  7. Gorgeous design
  8. Great-looking display with G-Sync and a 144Hz refresh rate.


  1. Short battery life
  2. Very expensive
  3. No LAN port

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10. Alienware M15 Best Laptop For Revit And AutoCAD

Many of you don’t understand that Dell launches Alienware series laptops especially for gaming. So this is another laptop from Dell in this record, but this Alienware M15 is strong than the above laptop. If we speak about the build quality of this machine, the Chassis of this laptop is built with solid materials like magnesium alloy, copper and steel, which look and feel premium.

On top of that, it’s next-gen Tobii eye-tracking technology that’s an entirely new form of immersion to your gambling experience. In regards to the internals, it’s within the Intel Core i7-9750H processor and paired with 16GB of RAM.

To manage graphics related tasks on this Alienware gaming machine, it has 6GB of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GDDR6 VRAM. This Alienware laptop comes with 512GB of SSD storage, which is enough space to store all your files and data. Aside from this, the keyboard of the computer is specially designed by the gamer’s requirement, which gives you incredible gaming experience with its per-key RGB LED AlienFX keyboard.

This gambling machine has dual intake and dual exhaust airflow design that maintain this machine cool and stable during a heavy working session.


  1. Strong performance
  2. Best chiclet-style gaming laptop keyboard yet
  3. High quality, premium metal chassis
  4. Long battery life
  5. Incredibly light for a gaming laptop
  6. Gorgeous 4K display


  1. Lacklustre speakers
  2. Top-tier model is costly
  3. Not as light as the competition
  4. Big bezels
  5. Can get warm in spots while gaming

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All the laptops reviewed in this post have some pros and cons but one thing in common; they’re among the best ones available for conducting Revit and AutoCAD. In the end, it’s your choice to make, but the main point is to pick between productivity and portability. If you’re a beginner or student, you can perform well with a low-end laptop. Just remember that programs like AutoCAD and Revit require a huge quantity of memory and superior graphics processing specifications.

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