10 Best Laptop for Nursing Students 2020 Buyer’s Guide

A laptop is among those vital resources a nursing student requirements. Therefore, if you are recently admitted to a nursing college, then you may be looking for the ideal laptop that could meet all of your hardware and software demands. Considering all the research papers to read and duties to market, you will need the very best laptop for nursing professionals to make it through your program.

Laptops for pupils are similar to a necessity needed accessory. With nearly all the program studies being changed online, laptops for pupils aren’t just the sign of your degree or up to datedness but also illustrate how serious you’re with your research.

When you place all of your efforts into the result of your assessments for your nursing school admissions, and once you eventually enter one of your options, you’re over the moon with enthusiasm.

The same is true with the Nursing pupils. No matter where faculty you’re likely to, where season you’re, you should have the laptop. Although you may do not know the proper laptop for your research, but do not worry, we’ve covered you, here you’ll be able to learn more about the best laptop for nursing students.

The 10 Best Nursing Students Laptops

We’ve done extensive study in assessing, comparing 100’s of laptops, reading customer testimonials, assessing evaluations, and comparing attributes to indicate you the very best of best laptop for esophageal studies.

Ultimately, we’ve ended up using the best laptops, which you ought to think about while buying them for your nursing studies. These laptops will be the best companion of your research throughout the entire college life. Even, a number of those suggested laptops may also be the ideal match for the nursing professionals, although crafted this manual, our principal focus is the pupils.

Within this guide, you’ll figure out the frankly crafted comprehensive reviews of every proposed laptop, so which you may earn a well-informed choice. In case you haven’t ever been tech-savvy, that is not in any way an issue. In the base of the manual, you’ll find the purchasing guide which can assist you during your entire purchasing procedure.

List of 10 Best Laptop for Nursing Students in 2020

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1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Touch & Convertible

According to the majority of people, tablets don’t have any real value or use, and it might be better for you to get a laptop or even cell phone. For many years Microsoft has attempted to convince its customers a tablet can be used to substitute a computer and possibly with the launching of Surface Guru 4 that the firm has succeeded in doing this!

Even though the first members of this surface line obtained hardly positive comments, Microsoft has outdone both Apple and Google together with the launch of Surface Guru 4. Referred to by some as the King of tablet computers’ Surface Pro 4 has the very awe-inspiring characteristics you’ve ever seen – a quick processor, more massive storage, along with a beautiful screen. It’s a sort of a hybrid of laptops and tablet computers with a touch screen and an attachable keyboard. That is even though Microsoft just makes a couple of subtle changes in each new version.

  • CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Screen: 12.3-inch, 2,736 x 1,824
  • Connectivity: 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Cameras: 8MP rear-facing, 5MP front-facing,
  • Weight: 1.73 pounds (786g)
  • Size: 11.5 x 7.93 x 0.36 inches

About Design

Its layout is like Surface Guru 3 but enhances the couple subtle changes, which make it better compared to the previous version. To create your screen stand, Surface Pro 4 includes an adjustable kickstand that’s sturdy, so that it moves when you touch the screen with your finger or the stylus.

Better pen

The stylus or, as Microsoft calls it, that the pencil is more significant than before and includes a horizontal edge on both sides. This makes it simpler to connect the pencil to both sides of this apparatus using magnets. The intriguing truth is that the magnets are powerful, so the pen doesn’t drop off even when the unit is stored in a bag. Additionally, it completes the purpose of a true pen – composing. Handwritten text out of the pencil is readily converted into an electronic document, helping you to write emails and internet searches instead of typing them. The pen can also be perfect for drawing and drawing. It has options to alter nibs.

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 2. ASUS CHROMEBOOK Flip C434 Budget Laptop For Nursing

The magnificent new ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 takes convertible Chromebook design to the next level. Its stylish contemporary looks, compact portability, and strong specifications are all designed to let you get things done with no hassle, daily, and every day. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 features a brand new four-sided NanoEdge 14-inch screen with ultraslim bezels and an unbelievable 87% screen-to-body ratio for its immersive viewing experience, along with the unique 360° ErgoLift hinge allows you to work in ultimate comfort.

The very first thing you’ll notice when you open the laptop is the barely-there bezels that encircle the screen. We’ve seen this before, but with a screen-to-body ratio of 87%, the Flip C434 is one of the very compact 14-inch laptops we’ve tested.


  • Intel Core M3-8100Y Processor
  • 64GB eMMC Storage
  • Intel HD Graphics 615
  • Chrome OS
  • 10 Hours Battery Life
  • Weights 3.3 lbs


On the interior of the twist C434, you’ll find a silver computer keyboard and chrome trim outlining the deck, as well as the touchpad, quantity, and power switches and the hinges. The C434’s layout will not blow you away; however, the uniform silver/chrome aesthetic at least does enough to differentiate itself from the MacBook’s appearance, something we could not say about this Flip’s predecessor.

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3. HP Spectre X360 Touch Portable Laptop

The HP Spectre x360 for 2020 exemplifies the best qualities of the laptops and tablets thanks to the line’s cutting edge layout and attributes. Just once you think HP’s already acquired an impeccable laptop with all the HP Spectre x360, it has taken things to another level with its most recent addition, earning key updates for 2020.

The outcome is a new HP Spectre x360, which brings back everything we love about the line while packing a few new features and bonuses on older versions at the same time. Among those are a brand new chip, Intel’s Core i7-1065G7, which is a complete powerhouse thanks to its quad-core design, and the flashy new Iris Plus integrated images. These two allow the 2020 model to maintain its own against bulky laptops with discrete graphics cards while keeping everything super slender.

HP Spectre 360 Specs

  • CPU: 1.3GHz Intel Core i7-8665U
  • Graphics: Intel Builtin
  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR4
  • Screen: 13.3-inch 4K
  • Connectivity: Intel Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5
  • Camera: HP TrueVision 1080p IR Webcam
  • Weight: 2.87 pounds (1.3 kg)
  • Size: 12.04 x 7.66 x 0.67 inches



What is more, even in a smaller size, the x360 conducting a 10th-gen Intel Core i7 managed to handily outperform the last-gen model conducting a similar configuration with an Intel eighth-gen CPU. It also has a battery that kept it running for ten or more hours in our tests. Combined with other helpful features and refined design, the 2019 HP Spectre x360 13 is our current top premium two-in-one.

The 4K AMOLED display (a stand-out feature of our model) will have a distinctive configuration, though.

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4. ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop For Nursing Students

Dell’s XPS 13 has hogged our top spot among laptops for the last couple of decades, but a strong contender has always lingered in its own shadow. Although not quite as pleasant as the XPS 13, the ZenBook 13 always delivers great performance and practical portability. Its professional appearance has been its only weakness.

As mentioned, the ZenBook 13 UX333 has a distinctive blue-and-gold colorway that initially arrived on the Asus ZenBook 3, a top-tier laptop line Asus debuted in 2017. It stands out from the crowd, but it is not so loud that you’ll be bashful about whipping it out at a meeting. A darker, Slate Gray version is available, but the common “Royal Blue” model is our favorite.

ASUS Zenbook 13 Specs

  • Display size: 13.3-inch, 1,920×1,080-pixel touch display
  • CPU: 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8250U
  • Memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM 2,133MHz
  • Graphics: 2GB Nvidia GeForce M150 Graphics
  • Storage: 256GB M.2 SATA III SSD
  • Networking: 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.2
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home (64-bit)


The glossy, gold Asus emblem at the center of the ZenBook 13’s hood is just like a raindrop falling in the middle of a tranquil, Royal Blue aluminum sea, inducing an asymmetrical ripple effect across the whole lid.

In general, this is a great little laptop without a genuine deal-breakers here for me. However, there are a few things that are less than ideal, and I could see the total being enough to stop the buy. Or maybe just one or two — say, for instance, the inability to add more system memory. It’s possible to open up the laptop to boost storage, but you are stuck using its 8GB of RAM, giving you no room for improved functionality down the road.

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5. Dell Inspiron 15 5594 Best Laptop For Nursing

Dell Inspiron 15 is among the finest laptops for college nursing students since it’s packed with all of the vital features a laptop should have to operate effectively for a pupil. The unit is packaged with Intel 10th generation Core i5 chip, 8GB of RAM, along with a 256GB of SSD storage combined with Intel UHD 620 graphics, which permits tasks to run smoothly on the gadget.

If you are thinking about purchasing one of the finest Dell laptops of 2020, then you’re already on the ideal path. Dell laptops are some of the best laptops on the market, particularly when you’re looking for one that strikes a great balance between price, durability, performance, and magnificent design.

Dell Inspiron 15 5594 Specs

Laptop for Nursing Students

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-10210U
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics
  • DISPLAY: 15.6″, Full HD (1920 x 1080), TN
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4, 2666 MHz
  • WEIGHT: 2.03 kg (4.5 lbs)


The gadget includes all the 15.6 inch HD Display, a backlit keyboard, and silver color finishing. All these attributes give the laptop a decorative appearance, which is something that many students look for in a gadget. Even though the laptop only includes a 5-hour battery lifetime, it’s enough for a school student who only needs it to get assignments.

Whether you are editing photographs or managing your home financing, Inspiron’s copious choices fit both screen-size and budget requirements for many buyers. These machines are largely Windows models; if you want something a little less expensive for easy tasks and surfing online, think about Dell’s Chromebooks, that place fundamental functionality into a manageable package that works well for kids and students.

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6. Dell XPS 13 9360 Recommended Laptop for Nursing Student

Dell is also among the most credible names in the laptop industry, and they care about their users. And always consider all their needs while fabricating the laptops.

Dell XPS 13 is just another excellent product from Dell. Once we analyze and compare it with other laptops of the same category, we wind up adding in our list of best laptops for nursing studies. Since they have everything to supply, what we are looking for. Let’s have a look at some of the features.

Dell XPS 13 9360 Specs

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8250
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • Graphics: Intel HD
  • Storage: 128GB SSD
  • Display: 13” full HD 1080p
  • Weight:  2.7lb
  • Battery: 11 hours


Dell has not changed the layout onto the XPS 13 within a few decades, but there is a lot to like about the aesthetic. The lid and bottom surface of the laptop are made from CNC machined aluminum that is either silver or rose gold, based on which color you pick.

The sides, back blouse, and the deck are made from luxurious, soft-touch carbon fiber. I especially enjoy the deck, which includes a subtle crosshatch pattern along with a palm rest that’s one of the softest and most comfortable I have ever used.

The display uses Dell’s famous InfinityEdge screen, which has almost no bezel at all on the sides and top but puts the webcam below the screen. The hinge that moves the lid is among the most powerful and tightest I’ve ever seen, which gives the laptop a high-quality texture but additionally needs two hands to start.

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7.  Asus Vivobook S15 Powerful Laptop for Nursing

There’s no doubt about it. The tendency with laptops in the last several years has been moving towards the notion that less is more, with ultra-portables becoming smaller, thinner, and lighter. As well as the VivoBook S15 from Asus fits that bill nicely.

However, also, it satisfies a few different needs, like a nice big screen to play, for instance. Whether you are number-crunching spreadsheets at work, doing a spot of close-up pictures, or merely watching Stranger Things on Netflix, the Asus VivoBook S15 will see you through using its large, glowing 15.6-inch screen.

Asus Vivobook S15 Specs

CPU: 1.8GHz Intel Core i7-8565U
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Screen: 15.6-inch
Storage: 512GB SSD
Connectivity: WiFi 6,  Bluetooth 5.0
Camera: 1920×1080
Weight: 3.97 pounds (1.8kg)
Size: 14.1 x 9.1 x 0.7 inches


Despite its 15.6-inch screen, the VivoBook remains highly portable, weighing only 1.8kg and measuring a sleek 18mm thick.

Admittedly, it does look quite hefty when compared to lighter 12-inch and 13-inch laptops, but obtaining any 15-inch laptop down to less than 2kg is an impressive accomplishment, so Asus has certainly done a good job with the design of this VivoBook S15.

And, despite the powerful i7 chip, the laptop ran cool and silent during all our tests, even if running heavy graphics benchmarks.

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8. LG Gram Premium Performance Laptop for Students

LG gram unveils a new standard of advanced, ultra-slim laptops. It can do anything along with the portability to go anywhere. Working, designing, gaming, video editing — the cutting edge Intel chip, impressive memory, and battery life manage it all with ease.

It includes all the essential external ports that permit you to connect anything to your laptop. Which makes it one of the top laptops for IT students.

LG Gram Specs

  • CPU: 8th and 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G7 Processor 1.6GHz (Up to 2.3GHz)
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 14″ FHD LED Backlight (1920 x 1080) display
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery: Up to 5-hours Battery Life
  • Weight:  2.2 lbs


Shaped in the familiar wedge that has been popularised by the MacBook Air, the LG g 14 measures just 1.4cm thick. This blend of thin lightweight and design makes it exceptionally portable and excellent for functioning when on the move. Despite its large physical size, it could be lifted with one hand and passed around like a tablet. It will not add much weight to hand luggage (although the dimensions can make it a squeeze in smaller bags), and thankfully, it includes a masticating charger also.

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9. HP Pavilion 15 2020 Best Laptop Ever

The HP Pavilion has always offered great laptops at reduced costs to people who prefer to get a decent budget laptop to spend a fortune on one. There are always new versions annually that look almost identical to their design but with more and better new hardware configurations. And this year is no different.

The laptop comes with the latest 10th Generation Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, which allows you to multitask on the device with ease and comfort. The Intel Graphics_Coprocessor incorporated into the device makes it ideal for multimedia functions, too.

HP Pavilion 15 2020 Specs

  • CPU: 10th Generation Quad-Core Intel Core i5-1035G1
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6″ IPS Touchscreen Full HD (1366 x 768 pixels) Display
  • GPU: Intel Graphics_Coprocessor
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery: Up to 7 hours Battery Life
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs


Possibly the smaller lithography of the Ice Lake processors has allowed HP to build this laptop lighter and thinner than its predecessor. Indeed, with 17mm thickness and 1.85 kg, fat is only a millimeter thinner and 70 grams lighter than the Pavilion 15. But when you hold it in your hands, the difference is more noticeable. The aluminum lid and plastic body mean the laptop is on par with all the competition in this price range. Honestly, the build quality is not the best, since there are several squeaks when you attempt to twist the chassis.

Interestingly, you can open the lid via a single hand. Afterward, the hinge mechanism puts into action and lifts the laptop’s backside with the assistance of the bottom part of the lid. This contributes to enhanced airflow, as well as a minor growth of comfortability during typing.

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10. Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Best Budget Laptop

Lenovo intends to offer the IdeaPad 320 lineup in both a 14 and a 15-inch variant, and they’ll be available in stores just in time for 2018 Back to School season (mid-August).

Aside from the form variable, the modern Intel Kaby Lake hardware indoors, the 52 Wh battery, the matte IPS display, and a reasonable price tag are the main selling points of the 14-inch model. On the other hand, potential customers must remember this is not as light or compact as some of the alternatives out there and don’t get a backlit keyboard (as much as I can tell at the time of this article ).

Lenovo Ideapad 320 Specs

  • Screen: 15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 px
  • Processor: AMD A12-9720P CPU
  • Video: AMD
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR4
  • Storage: 256 GB SSD
  • Connectivity: Wireless AC (Intel AC 3166), Bluetooth 4.1
  • Battery: 52 Wh, 45 W power adapter




But we’ll discuss these under, so by the end of the article, you will know if the IdeaPad 320S 14 has exactly what it needs to be your following, or you should look elsewhere.


As far as sub-$500 laptops proceed, the IdeaPad 320 looks nice. The only feature that calls attention to the lid would be the glossy Lenovo emblem in the upper left corner. The chassis comes with an awkward, two-tone design, with a silver shirt. This almost tricks you into believing that its aluminum, while the darker gray underside, highlights the cheapness of the plastic chassis.

The inside includes a silver faux-aluminum layout that spans the whole deck. The keyboard sits on the deck with no interlocking or dip accents to introduce it. The bezels are annoyingly thick, but that’s not from the normal for a budget laptop.

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